About our Program

Open Hearth After School Kids is in its seventh successful year of 
 providing care, support, and enrichment to the children of the Mad River Valley.


Expectations of the Program

  • We offer STEM based enrichment activities such as science, engineering, and tinkering, along with creative arts, outdoor exploration, active games and recreation. We also sponsor guest presentations several times throughout the year.

  • We allow children opportunities to spend time with friends and enjoy activities that are age-appropriate.

  • We provide a safe and comfortable environment where children will learn and build confidence, self esteem, character and social skills.

  • We provide homework support.

  • We facilitate open communication regularly with teachers, families, students, and the school community.

Progam Mission

The mission of OHASK is to establish an independent, quality non-profit program that creates a safe, stimulating and responsive environment for students from Waitsfield, Fayston and beyond. OHASK will strive to accomplish this goal by attracting and supporting quality trained staff and by engaging families and the larger community in its programming and goals.

Value Statements

  • We value supporting children to realize their leadership, independent and creative qualities.

  • We value creating a responsive environment that celebrates each other's differences, similarities and individual contributions.

  • We value structured time for students to complete homework assignments in a supportive setting with trained staff.

  • We value supporting an educated and trained staff by striving to provide appropriate and adequate compensation.

  • We value family and community participation that enriches our program, whether it is by contributing personal skills and talents, supervising students or one-on-one tutoring.

  • We value engaged communication between the school and family community.

  • We value children participating in the curriculum development and planning processes based on a responsive classroom model to help them become invested, self-motivated learners.

  • We value creating an engaged relationship between the community and school

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