School Council

School Council

Chairman: Kathy Thomas
Vice Chairman: Barb Wilson
Secretary: Kim Weston

Name  Phone #  Email  committee
Kathy Thomas
Program / 3 year planning committee
Barb    Grad committee/Events & Banquets
Patricia Beazer 
Lisa Boehme403-653-1401 lisaboehme@shaw.caEvents and Banquets
David Johnson403-715-6804dajohnson162000@hotmail.comCommunity Relations and Communication
Karen Bevans403-653-2251karen.joyce.bevans@gmail.comGrad Committee
Rachelle Shipley403-653-0009bashipley@hotmail.comGrad Committee
Esther Leighton403-659-5087estherlois@hotmail.comStudent Appreciation/Events
Stephanie Uibel 
Lisa Coad

 School Atmosphere Committee
Sunny Fox-Roper    403-634-8135
Grad Committee
Don Roper403-634-5598donald.roper@bloodtribepolice.comGrad Committee
Jo Bevans
Geri Pottinger403-320-7959
Dallen Leavitt
Randy Roe403-653-2864


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Facebook page for parents and friends to join for school related info and discussions.  Sep 23, 2014, 2:22 PM Dallen Leavitt