Dear Network Colleagues,

It was great to meet face-to-face and work with you last week in Lausanne. We really appreciated your inputs, energy and enthusiasm and can still feel the buzz!

There are several aspects to this follow up email, so please do take the time to go through it in detail – thanks.

Evaluation form
Given that this was genuinely a crowd-sourced event, it is important for us to ‘peer-review’ the workshop and help us all learn and improve. For that purpose, we would really appreciate it if you could please fill in this evaluation form - it will only take a few minutes and will be a great insight for us:

together possible
The excitement and energy behind the ‘together possible’ platform was terrific for all of us. We genuinely believe that we can come together on a common platform for the evolution of the brand and to unleash its full potential. The ‘Anthem’ film is now available online and the 'together possible' must read document summarizes the key aspects you need to consider in order to adopt the platform in its complete form. Please send all requests for engagement on the 'together possible' platform with ‘request – together possible’ in the subject line to

Further, we are asking you to share your case studies of 'together possible'. Please send your 'together possible' experiences and projects with the subject line ‘together possible’ to

Community of Communicators
We really appreciated the deep engagement around the two ‘Community of Communicators’ sessions. As agreed at the workshop, we are working rapidly to consolidate the feedback and provide it to Marco and the change process teams by Monday of next week.

  1. The core team from the group - Rob Soutter (Int’l), Alexandra Gomez (Colombia), Pedzi Gozo (South Africa) and Suds (Int'l) have consolidated a draft and have had it reviewed by some members of the CMC and Int’l. This is now open for review by the entire group. If you wish to share it with other members in your offices, please do go ahead. The latest version is available at

    Please insert your comments using the ‘comments’ function so we can track and respond separately and the group can see them as well. We would appreciate receiving all comments by 5 p.m. CET, Nov 7th. Thanks.

  2. All notes from the ‘Community’ sessions including the presentation and the feedback from the tables for both the exercises are in the same folder as the document above.

Sharing case studies
There were many requests to enable sharing of case studies from around the network. The presentations and reactions to the efforts in the ‘World Café’ and ‘Adopt and Adapt - 3min presentations’ were adequate proof of the need to share better. We have therefore created a space for us to upload case studies from the network. What is really important, though, is that we use this template for the cover page of all uploaded case studies so readers are able to get a quick view into the audiences, timeline and purpose of the case study at a glance.

If you would like to share a case study, please send it with ‘Case Study – ‘Country’’ in the subject line to

  1. We have stored all the presentations on the Workshop's Google site (including our 'together possible' group photo)

  2. All pictures that were shared on the workshop's Google Event can be found here

  3. The Celebrity/Ambassadors Google site has all the information you need on this topic including contact details

  4. Should you be looking for any further info, here's the WWF International Communications & Marketing division portal, which provides you with a one-stop landing page with easy access to key information about the division and resources. You can also find our latest org chart for Int’l here

Thinking ahead
Most (all!) of you expressed the desire for us to hold the Global Communications Workshop every two years in a different location each time. Should you be interested in hosting the next one in 2017, please write to May ( and Suds ( so we can engage with you and share more details including logistics and budget realities!

Thank you again for all your support,
The Global Communications Workshop team

Global Communications Workshop assets