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Students are really focused on adding tape stripes to their belts!  Students have to demonstrate both physically and mentally their knowledge of the basic stances, punches, blocks and forms of Tae Kwon Do. HSC students are doing VERY well in gaining experience at each level.  We have several students who are starting to prepare to test for their next belt level.  I have recently emailed all martial art students/parents the Training Manual handouts.  Many of our new white belt students are wanting to learn to count to ten in Korean to gain their brown tape.  That information is contained in the handout.  When students are getting close to testing, they will have the required amount of taped stripes on their belts and their teacher will speak with them about preparing to test.  That means that they will then need to study the training handout to take their written test.  We ask that parents guide them in this endeavor and sit with them while they take the online written test found on the FCMA website.  Once they have submitted the written test, they can then fill out the online 'Request to Test' form.  Parents will need to assist in that.  Once those two things happen then the last and final requirement to move to the next belt level is a physical test whereby the student demonstrates the techniques and forms he/she has been working on.  The teacher will never ask the student to test if the teacher does not feel the student has already demonstrated that they are ready for advancement.  A student's attitude and character development is very important as well in advancing.  
Here are some links for you to use as your child becomes ready to advance.
-Written Test for High White Belt (this first test is an open book test) : http://www.fullcirclemartialarts-colorado.com/#!written-test-for-high-white/chei
See you in class!
Ms. Paige

Back to School August 2015-
What a great week of back to school classes!  I have nearly 45 new students in our Lakewood and Westminster classes who have just stepped onto the martial arts path!  They are going to be AMAZING! The first few weeks can seem overwhelming with so many movements, ways of standing, Korean commands, and a class structure that is different from nearly all other classes in school.  
These are the stripes that the new White belt friends will be busy working to attain:
-Green stripe for demonstrating good listening skills
-Blue stripe for demonstrating good manners that martial art students are known for
-Yellow stripe for demonstrating Walking stances
-Orange stripe for demonstrating L-Stances
-Brown stripe for counting to ten in Korean
-Red stripe for demonstrating basic mat skills for the White belt level.
The returning students are at levels of White belt through High Gold.  They are anxious to begin working on their specific requirements.  Each new belt level brings different kicks and hand techniques as well as forms and mat work.
Over the next few weeks I will be sending a link to download the White Belt through Gold Belt study packets that come from the training manual for Full Circle Martial Arts.  My returning students will be able to download the particular information for their level as well. This will allow parents to assist their martial artist with the information to help them move to their next level.  Moving to the next level can take months for new White belts.  Each student is on their own path and time schedule.  We are all unique in how we learn and process something as challenging as martial arts.  What motivates all of us is the love we have for the martial art activities.  You will see this in your child with each stripe attained and each belt level they are on.  I still love martial arts after 20 years and have just begun to study another martial art that I feel will expand on the knowledge and experience I have.  Learning is life long and as a homeschooling mom I live and breath learning by being a student myself and then passing on the treasure to others.
I look forward to our next newsletter so that I can update you on how wonderful your martial artist is doing.
-Ms. Paige

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