Graphic Arts

Happy New Year! 2017

Welcome back from the holiday break!  Thank you for the heartfelt gifts.  They are appreciated and loved.  Are we ready for the new semester?  How is it 2017 already?  This should be a FUN semester and I'm looking forward to it!

Mix it Up - We are starting off the semester making 3D snowflakes.

Simple Toys  - We will be making toys that spin to start.

Video - We will working with claymation and taking videos of various classes to make a video for the school website.

Game Design - We will be making lego mazes and talking about gaming history.

Game Design 2 (coding class) - This class has made a slight change while we will work in scratch its not the primary focus.  This semester we will be learning not only a little Scratch but also Binary code, Color code, Scratch code and Java Script (using a game making site for kids!)  

Cartooning - We will be starting the semester with Flipbooks

Legos- We will be starting our lego class following the curriculum provided. 

Bobbi McKim Enneking,
Jan 28, 2015, 12:10 PM