Cooking & Sewing

Back to School
Beginning Cooking - Survival Cooking this month we are starting out the semester and the beginning of the day by cooking breakfast.   The students are enjoying eating the different breakfasts we have been making.
Farm to Table - We are talking about fresh locally grown foods and making something to eat using these Colorado favorites.  We are discussing Organic and GMO foods. 
Beginning Sewing - The students have learned how to thread their needle and are learning some different embroidery stitches. 
Wearable Art - We are making project bags and will be making some beads to use on wearable art, 

April Fools
Can you believe it is already April? 
In cooking classes the students are becoming very independent.   You would be proud of your children and how capable they are cooking 
Sewing class the students are finishing up our projects.  Some of the quilts might be a little smaller than we had planned.  The goal is for the kids to get the Idea of how to sew so the can continue to sew at home. 

Spring in on its way - the kids already have spring fever
Comfort Cookin' - We are still exploring foods that are comforting and talking about similarities and difference in taste. 
Sweet Sensations - most of the students agree they enjoy a combination of sensations.
Beginning Sewing - I let the kids move at their own pace, we are moving slowly. 
Beginning Quilting - I'm not sure if the students will be able to finish their quilts, they just might end up being smaller than we designed. 
Crazy Quilts - Each quilt is starting to come together.  The students are doing some amazing things with embellishments.

January and February 2016
New Year, New Classes, New Projects
Comfort Cookin' - The students are finding the food we have made so far very comforting.
Sweet Sensations - We are talking about the 5 senses as week cook and try what we made. 
Beginning - The students are finishing up the first couple pages in their sample books and we are going to start sewing scarfs while it is still cold. 
Beginning Quilting & Crazy Quilts - The students have designed their quilts and are starting to sew them together. 
I'm a little worried about running out of time and the quilts being smaller. 

December 2015
Ms. Holly Note- For the next couple months I will be busy making scarfs and holiday food my favorite time of year. 
Fantasy Foods - The kids have been enjoying exploring different fantasy recipes.  Students have brought in some really interesting fantasy options.
Survival Cooking - Breakfast Burritos was our last supper after Thanksgiving we will be working on snacks and deserts.
Beginning Sewing - After the kids finish a scarf in time for the cold weather we will be making some tied pillows.
Wear-able  Art-  We only have 2 weeks after Thanksgiving it might be a little tight to finish up our warm weather projects.

Fantasy Foods - We are starting to cook fun foods the kids have fantasied about
Survival Cooking - We are finishing up lunch option and will be working on dinner option in November.  Today we made pumpkin whoopie pie not really survival foods but fun holiday food. 
Beginning Sewing - There is a huge difference in skill levels in beginning sewing this semester. Projects will be coming home at different times based on when they are finished. 
Wear-able Art - November we will be working on some warm wear-able art projects.  

October 2015
Fantasy Foods - We have been having fun imagining and cooking different foods from fairy tails, movies, books and TV.
Survival Cooking - September we made Breakfasts, October we are going to working on making lunches. 
Beginning Sewing - The students have done a running stitch over their name and have learned 6 new stitches. We are working on stuffed animals. 
Weareable art -  The students embellished a backpack and are now working on Base Ball Hats and Bandanas. For October we are going to be working on costumes. 

This year went so fast.  I guess time flys when we are having fun. 
Sweet Sensations - We are finishing the year talking about the 5 senses of popcorn and ice cream. 
Comfort Cookin' - Last week we made green bean casserole, there was some concern at first but once they tried it every one agreed it was fairly comforting. 
Beginning Sewing - The kids are finishing with decorating and making fun stuff for a stuffed dogie.  They all squealed when they saw the project.  
Quilting - The quilts are looking great.  I am hopeful everyone will be bringing home a finished quilt. 
Fiber Arts -  The last couple weeks were are doing some creative free form projects. 

Sweeeeet Sensations -  Holiday, sweet and savory foods are what we have been exploring.
Comfort Cookin' - We have been making everyone jealous with all the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen from chocolate chip cookies to pigs in a blanket. 
Beginning Sewing - The stuffed animals the students are making are turning out so cute.  They will start coming home soon. 
Fiber Arts - This month we are exploring weaving.
Quilting - The quilts are coming together.  This week the kids are picking out their quilt backs and we will start sandwiching them together. 

Sweet Sensation - We just made Gelatin Salad and the kids really like it.  We have been talking about the vitamins, benefits of different types of foods.
Comfort Cookin' -  We are learning that some kids find Pie comforting and some don't.  Most of the students have really enjoyed the food we have made so far. 
Beginning Sewing - We just finished scarfs and tied pillows.  The students are working on Button pictures and they voted to make stuffed animals next. 
Fiber Arts - We finished talking about the history of fibers and are now working on crafts with different types of yarn. 
Quilting - We are working against time.  Most of the students are only on their second or third row of their quilts and we are half way through with the semester.  I think we will have a bunch of beautiful quilts by the end of the school year though. 

Sweet Sensation - The students are learning we are not just exploring sweets but the senses.  We have made candy play dough and explored crunchy, creamy, and chewing. What will come next?
Comfort Cookin' - We have made sweets that are comforting and savory foods which are comforting. We will continue to explore comforting foods from the top 20 comforting foods in America. 
Beginning Sewing - Each student is making a sample book, trying out new skills.  We are also working on 2 projects at once, scarfs and tied pillow.  Parents should start to see some projects coming home. 
Fiber Arts -  The first part of the semester we talk about the history and basics of Fiber Arts.  The last half of the semester we will be making a variety of projects. 
Quilting - This semester I have had the most amount of Quilting classes.  It has been really exciting to see the patterns the students are creating.  It will be so fun to see these Quilts come together. 

Sweet Sensations -  There are 5 senses.  We will explore all of them 
Comfort Cookin' - Finding the food that is comforting for each student is fun. 
Beginning Sewing - We are starting with hand sewing and going to move to machine sewing quickly
Fiber Arts - There are 3 types of fibers and 3 types of fabrics ask your children what they are.
Quilting - The students can chose between 6 or 8 inch squares for their quilts.

Basic Cooking - We are making holiday snacks
Foods Around the world- All over the world different cultures celebrate with food
Basic Sewing - This semester there have been some very beginners in sewing and we haven't finished as many projects as planned.  The students are learning and moving forward slowly. 
Advanced Sewing - Teddy Bears are coming home soon
Fiber Arts- Students are exploring knitting and Weaving

Thanks giving is such a fun time to make food and sew crafts  
Basic Cooking-
Foods Around the World-
Basic Sewing-
Advanced Sewing- 
Fiber Arts- 

The first student in each sewing class to show me how to do a blanket stitch or ask how to do a blanket stitch will get a prize. 
Foods Around the World -  we just visited Zimbabwe and we will be visiting some other countries to sample their recipes. 
Basic Cooking - we have made a few basic breakfasts and lunches and now we took a break and made pumpkin Whoopie Pies and then we are going to make some dinner dishes. 
Sewing -  The kids have picked the projects they want to work on we have been working on different skills.
Fiber Arts - We have worked on the basics and now we are going to be making crafts and learning new skills. 

Foods Around the World - We have been working our way around Europe Germany, Italy, France and England.  We will be branching out in the next month to other continents.
Beginner Cooking - We just finished making some different breakfasts.  We have been talking about measurements the difference between cups and Tablespoons and Teaspoons. 
Beginning Sewing - We are making a bean bag creature in most of the classes. The students are so creative it is fun to see what kind of creature they design. 
Advanced Sewing - The kids seem to be picking the same projects as Beginning Sewing.  I am just asking them to put a little more detail into their projects.  The students work at their own pace. 
Fiber arts - We are working on the history of fiber arts and have started with a fleece, shirting, cleaning and carding the wool.  We will be spinning and then using yarn for different projects. 

Starting a new year is so fun to meet all the new kids and watch them learning and growing.  
Foods Around the World - We started with German potato pancakes and they seem to love them.  We will be touring the world making different traditional dishes. 
Beginner Cooking - For the first month we will be making different breakfast foods and learning how to read a recipe and team work. 
Beginning Sewing - I have taught the kids how to thread a needle and sew a running stitch we will continue to build on those skills. 
Advanced Sewing - In advanced sewing I let the kids pick a couple bigger projects. 

The end of year is here! So sad :)
Sweet Sensations - I ask every student what flavor and what texture they like the most after everything we make.  I get some very fun answers.
Comfort Cooking - Most of these students good eaters There has only been a couple things some of the students weren't sure if they liked.  
Fiber Arts - From cleaning wool to burning man-made fibers we have been having fun making different projects.
Quilting - We are rushing to get everything done by the end of the year.  I really don't want to let the kids go for the summer they have been so much fun. 
Beginning Sewing - We are just finishing up projects and finishing the year being fashion designers with little bears. 

Sweet Sensations- We are still exploring the sensations of food and how we celebrate with food.
Comfort Cooking- So far we haven't made anything the kids haven't found to be comforting from the top 20 American comfort foods. 
Fiber Arts - The Students should have brought home some projects since we only have 6 weeks left we will be rushing to try out knitting and weaving.
Quilting - The quilts are looking great. Most of the kids are getting finished with piecing the quilt tops and this week they will be picking out the fabric for the back and edging. 
Beginning Sewing -  We are finishing up pillows and bags.  Our next projects will be bean-bag animals and teddy bear fashions. 

Sweet Sensations -  We just finished George Washington Cherry Tarts and are heading on to other types so sensational snacks.
Comfort Cooking - Chocolate, Fried foods, Cheese, we are learning almost any yummy food can be comforting. 
Fiber Arts - Now that the students have learned how to make yarn we are going to be playing with yarn, knitting, crocheting and other yarn crafts.
Quilting - The students are right on target the semester is about 1/2 over and most of the quilts are a little more than half done.  You all will be very excited to see all the quilts.  I will have photos taken put them up on the web sight so everyone can see. 
Beginning Sewing - While it was cold we made scarfs and now that the weather is supposed to be warming up we will be making bags, pillows and puppets.  

Sweet Sensations - We have been working on cooking sweets and other foods but mostly we have been talking about the senses. This week we make Dream Cakes in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.
Comfort Cooking - We have been exploring different comfort foods, and talking about how different foods make you feel. 
Fiber Arts - We started at the beginning with the use of fiber in everyday life.  We are currently carding and spinning wool.  We will be moving on to exploring  felting, weaving & knitting. 
Quilting - The kids have designed their quilts and we have started to sew them together using the kids designs. 
Beginning Sewing - We started a sample book to learn new skills and are practicing machine sewing on a warm scarf. 

Beginning Cooking- we have a couple weeks to make snacks and cookies.  The kids are really excited about cooking in December.
Cooking Around the World - We have been all over Europe, Africa and South America, who knows where we will go next? 
Sewing - UFO we are working on UN - Finished Objects to close out the semester


Beginning Cooking- We took a little break for Pumkin Whoopie Pies but in November we will be cooking dinners
Cooking around the word - We are hitting other continents and talking about where different foods come from.  The kids have been very adventurous.
Sewing - The students are designing and making their own projects
Fiber Arts- We are finishing up on weaving and will be working on knitting.

Beginning Cooking - Now that the kids have settled into our cooking routine we are moving on to easy lunch dishes.  The goal is for the students to be able to make these at home with a little help.
Cooking Around the World - After stopping in 4 countries in Europe and talking about why different foods come from different places in the world we are going to Explore even more foods and countries.
Beginning Sewing - We have learned new skills in a sample book and are starting to do some projects so look for sewing projects coming home.
Advanced Sewing - The students have picked a little bit bigger project they want to work on.  They are so creative it is fun to see what they come up with
Fiber Arts - Changed a little bit this year.  We have been talking about where fibers come from and learning how to process wool.  We will keep learning new skills and start weaving and knitting (making fabrics).

Beginning Cooking- we working on the basics starting with breakfast.  We will be talking about measurements, flavors, textures and food options. 

Cooking Around the World - We are starting off in Europe sampling some traditional dishes.  We have discussions about where different foods are grown and why different cultures have different foods. 

Sewing - We are starting our sample books to learn new skills.  We are all going to be making a sewing project bags and supply bags to begin with. 

Fiber Arts - We started with the history of fiber and I brought in a sheep fleeces and we will be making it into yarn to use for our projects.  This year we are also making a sample book of the different skills we are learning.