Happy February!  I hope everyone is having a lovely year so far! 

Art Masters: We've been having fun learning about different Master Artists and creating art with chalk pastels, oil pastels, markers and pencils! 

Young Illustrators: Everyone's "Dentist and the Crocodile" books are coming along so well.  We've had some fun talking about what helps make a picture tell a story!

Art Around the World: We've finished learning about Australia and the creatures that live there and we are now moving to learning about Asia!  February is going to be a blast because the different cultures all around Asia are so different that there is a lot to learn about!

Weaving: We've gotten to practice our weaving skills with paper and now we're expanding our practice to yarn!  We are currently working on decorative triangle weavings that will sure to be gracing your walls soon!

Contemporary Art: We've been talking about artists from the last 200 years including many different artists from around the world.

Sculpture:  We've been making some great paper sculptures including things that are both abstract and representative.

Our little family has been so busy!  Georgia is crawling, trying to walk, has 2 little teeth and she's almost ONE! I don't know where the time has gone but I'm loving every minute.