Migrate Data
Here's how to import your existing mail, personal contacts, and calendar events to your new Google Apps account.
                    (The resources below are used with kind permission from CEO Sydney)
For most Wagga Wagga Catholic Schools staff and students, migrating your mail, calendar and contacts is a two step process:

    STEP 1:   Export your email from Editure Mymail to either Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.
                    Note: If you don't use Editure Mymail, or don't wish to keep your old Mymail emails, you can skip this step. 

    STEP 2:   Import your email, calendar and contacts from Outlook or Apple Mail into Google Mail.

STEP 1: Export from Mymail.

Export from Editure Mymail to Microsoft Outlook® Mac or Windows
From Mymail to Outlook Windows 2010
Use this guide to help you transfer your email from your old <name>@<school domain> to your new email account: <lastname+first initial>@ww.catholic.edu.au> via Microsoft Outlook®
STEP 2:  Import into Google Mail

Import from Microsoft Outlook®
Import data using Google Apps Migration
See what got imported (PDF)
Download Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook® to import your email, personal contacts, and calendar events from your old Outlook profile into Google Apps.
  Import from a Mac mail program
Download Email Uploader for Mac
Use the Google Email Uploader for Mac to import your email from Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, or Entourage (on the Mac).