Australian Curriculum roll out

posted 18 Feb 2013, 14:45 by Karen G   [ updated 6 Aug 2013, 23:33 ]

From Alan Bowyer [Director]

As you are aware the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in New South Wales will commence in 2013, with a year of overview, planning and preparation. This correspondence is to inform you of how this Office plans to approach this significant time in the educational landscape.

Whilst the content changes located within the new syllabus documents in the Key Learning Areas of English, Maths, Science and History are of significance, the pedagogical approach that underpins their introduction  cannot be understated. Contemporary education demands that We reflect upon our practice and as has been stated on many occasions an inquiry based approach can be such a lens that can greatly assists in improving student learning outcomes. The focus Key Learning Area for 2013 will be English in readiness for full implementation in 2014. The others will follow in subsequent years.

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