Military Leave Policy

Titile: #VI-1. Student Called to Active Military Duty
Date: June 18, 2002

In accordance with WV Code 15-1f-1a and on the basis of University policy published in the West Virginia University Undergraduate Catalog, the following policy is hereby in effect of the campus of West Virginia University at Parkersburg:

  1. Upon notification of a student that he or she is called to active duty before the end of the first three quarters of the semester, the student will be granted a full refund of refundable fees (but no course credit)
  2. Upon notification from the student that he or she is called to active duty after the "three-quarters" date, WVU at Parkersburg will award full credit (with assigned letter grade or "P" for courses in which the student is enrolled provided the student has passing grades at the time of departure.  If the student does not have a passing grade at the time of departure, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the respective course(s) and issued a refund (of refundable fees).
  3. Upon re-enrollment, the student's education status, financial aid eligibility, or other benefits will not be adversely affected by the military leave of absence.  Current federal and state regulations will apply.