Sociology (SOC) Mission Statement

To promote and increase social awareness by fostering 
critical understanding of the interaction between 
individuals, groups, and institutions in society.
Sociology (SOC) Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Define core sociological concepts.
2.  Explain how individuals interact and react to the larger society.
3.  Describe social interaction between groups in society.
4.  Describe social interaction between groups in society.
5.  Apply the sociological concepts and principles to one’s own life.
6.  Demonstrate familiarity with theoretical perspectives in the                       discipline.
7.  Distinguish various theoretical approaches in the field of sociology.
8.  Express and communicate sociological knowledge to others.
9.  Recognize a wide range of global, social, and cultural viewpoints.
10.Develop critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and               application skills.