Mission of the Sciences at West Virginia
University at Parkersburg

To promote and support scientific principles through critical thinking, learning, and communication by examining, discussing, analyzing, and practicing the scientific method through the research process and the study of scientific literature as they apply to understanding natural phenomena. 
Student Learning Outcomes for Sciences Courses at 
West Virginia University Parkersburg

       1.  Students will learn the process and reasoning behind the                            Scientific Method and be able to conduct experiments that meet                the requirements of the model. 

       2. Students exhibit the basic safety-related rules and regulations of               working in the lab.

       3. Students be able to recount the basic safety tenants associated                   with a specific scientific discipline.

      4. Students will become proficient at Science Writing.

      5. Students will exhibit knowledge of the fundamentals of the                         specific scientific discipline they are studying.

      6. Students will recognize and identify the applications of their                     specific discipline in the ‘real world.’

       7. Students will accurately recount important milestones in the                      history of scientific inquiry in their discipline.