Chemical and Polymer Operator Technology (ATPT) Mission Statement

To provide a hands-on program that prepares individuals to 
use the instrumentation, operating parameters, and technical information to run processes in a safe and productive manner; 
to meet the critical needs of the industrial environment with the excellent technical, workforce, and ethical skills and experience gained in the Chemical and Polymer Operator Technician program. 
Chemical and Polymer Operator Technology (ATPT) Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Exhibit knowledge of OSHA General Industry requirements.

2.  Articulate Total Quality Management concepts including    customer      service, variance, process capability, continuous improvement,                  corrective/preventive action, SPC basics, data collection, and control      charts.

3.  Internalize the process instrumentation that a process                                 technician/operator utilizes in performing job functions.

4.  Use the various types of equipment in the process environment in a         productive manner, and the interaction of the process                                 operator/technician with it.

5.  Knowledge of equipment roles and control methods for each process       system.

6.  Demonstrate safety and the role played by operator in maintaining         the system safely.

7.  Understand and follow Block flow diagrams, P & ID drawings,                   Process Flow diagrams, 3D drawings, and Plot plans.

8.  Understand team work and log keeping, Normal operation,                         Abnormal operations, and Emergency operations.

9.  Use critical thinking skills, be able to see and troubleshoot problems       in the process through trending and analysis of process parameters.