About Us

What we can do for you....

Peer Coaches are available on campus to provide assistance to all students, but especially those enrolled in specific grant-identified areas. Peer Coaches are resources for all stages of the student experience, from enrollment through graduation. Peer Coaches serve as college ambassadors, providing basic assistance to ensure success. As examples, we can link you to your adviser, walk you through OLSIS or financial aid, or locate child care or tutoring services that meet your needs.

What we can do for the campus community...

At WVUP, our peer coaches act as a liaison between students and the institution. They are the friendly faces that help guide students through the enrollment process through graduation. Student Peer Coaches provide support for students, faculty and staff. Peer coaches also serve as ambassadors for the college to promote our programs and provide various support services. Peer coaches assist with recruitment, visits, campus tours, special events and activities, speaking engagements and serve as role models and mentors to students.

Why we do this for you....

WVUP was awarded a federal grant through the U.S. Department of Labor focused on bridging the gap between areas of identified industry growth and well-trained workers through the development of streamlined career pathways, focused instruction, and student support services. 

Hawk by Jason Means is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Targeted Programs:

  • Energy (STEM): Chemical/Polymer Operations, Energy Assessment
  • Manufacturing (Processing): Idustrial Maintenance, Electricity and Instrumentation, Multi-Craft
  • Information Technology: Computer Information Technology, Computer Science
  • Construction : HVAC, Residential and Commercial Electricity, Construction Management, Welding  

Targeted Students:

  • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Workers
  • Veterans
  • Non-Traditional Student
  • Program-Specific Participants