Multi-Craft Technology (MTEC) Mission Statement

To prepare students with the critical thinking skills and 
hands-on training necessary to troubleshoot and repair 
equipment in the fields of industrial maintenance, 
electricity, and instrumentation and become 
true craft professionals.
Multi-Craft (MTEC) Student Learning Outcomes

1. Basic understanding of safety. 
2. Use of hand tools, power tool, and test instruments
3. Basic understanding of electrical theory and NEC 
4. Basic understanding of flow, pressure, and temperature
5.  Basic understanding of electronic components
6.  Understanding of motors, transformers and distribution
7.   Understanding of transducers, actuators, and controllers
8.  Ability to calibrate and configure process loops
9.  Use of PLCs, data networks, and DCSs
10. Level 4 E & I  and IM NCCER Certification Project Completion 
11. Ability to write concise and accurate reports
12. Ability to solve algebraic equation
13. Understanding of fractions, decimals, and percentages
14. Understanding of area and volume
15. Demonstrate ability to install and repair pumps, valves, gaskets, 
      seals. bearings, couplings, belts, and chains
16. Understand and use terminology, measuring systems, hand tools, 
       mechanical instruments, lathes, mills and measuring tools.
17. Apply pattern making, layout, and assembly of parts from sheet
18. Read and work to close tolerance from machine prints and drawings
      commonly used in the machine trades.
19. Show understanding of preventive/predictive maintenance
20. Demonstrate knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and 
       their uses.
21. Demonstrate use of alignment equipment including dial indication
       and laser alignment methods.
22. Write reports, requisitions, and operational instruction.