Industrial Maintenance (IM) Mission Statement

To prepare students with the critical thinking skills 
necessary to troubleshoot and repair equipment 
in the field, becoming safe, productive, 
knowledgeable craft professionals.
Industrial Maintenance (IM) 
Student Learning Outcomes

          1.  Basic understanding of safety, hand and power tools. 
          2.  Ability to read construction and blueprint drawings. 
          3.  Ability to safely handle materials. 
          4.  Understanding of fasteners, rigging and lubrication. 
          5.  Understanding of fasteners, rigging and lubrication. 
          6.  Ability to test pneumatic and hydrostatic system.
          7.  Ability to install bearings, couplings, chains and belts. 
          8.  Ability to set baseplates and align equipment. 
          9.  Ability to perform preventative/predictive maintenance. 
         10. Ability to work with compressors and pneumatic systems. 
         11. Ability to use laser alignment equipment.
         12. Advanced hydraulic system understanding. 
         13. Advanced hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair.