History (HIST) Mission Statement

To promote and support critical thinking, learning,

aesthetic appreciation, and communication by 

examining, discussing, and practicing the skills

involved in the study of history and defining the role

of history in understanding the human experience. 
History (HIST) Student Learning Outcomes
  • Define key actors and events in an historic period.

  • Distinguish major social, economic, political, and religious movements and their impact and influence.

  • Illustrate appropriate skills in citing sources using The Chicago Manual of Style.

  • Identify the constituencies affected by competing ideologies.

  • Associate the interrelationship of nations and the results of competing national interests.

  • Examine the plight and evolving status of oppressed peoples, including African-Americans, women, Native Americans, Hispanics, and immigrants.

  • Develop sound research practices that reflect the standards in the field of history.

  •  Recognize the continuity of history and the influence of historic eras on succeeding eras.