General Business (GBUS) Mission Statement

Educate students to become successful professionals and 

socially responsible citizens, ready to contribute to the demands 

of the evolving business environment. Deliver application-

oriented business programs that challenge these students to 

merge theory with practice and prepare them to assume 

positions of responsibility and leadership in a complex, 

technological, global, and multicultural world.  Constituted by 

the business concepts that span all other business disciplines.

General Business (GBUS) Student Learning Outcomes

 1.  Communicate effectively and professionally both orally and in            writing within the context of the business world.

2.  Demonstrate competence in the use of electronic tools –                              hardware and software-to research, manage, and present                  information.

3.  Demonstrate use of quantitative and qualitative strategies to                        support organizational decision- making based on analysis                of functional business areas including accounting,                            management, and marketing.

4.  Demonstrate the ability to solve problems using programmed and              non-programmed decision techniques using logical reasoning for        evaluating information and data.

5.  Demonstrate the ability to work ethically, effectively, and                  respectfully with people of diverse backgrounds and with                  people who have different roles, social affiliations, and                      personalities.