Economics (ECON) Mission Statement

The mission of the economics courses is to support both the 
business and general education requirements of students 
and provide them  with the intellectual and analytical 
tools necessary to function in a dynamic economy. The 
student will be given instruction in qualitative 
and quantitative methodology which will 
facilitate understanding of economic 
theory and policy as well as the ability 
to apply that theory to the real world. 
Economics (ECON) Student Learning Outcomes

1. Display working knowledge of terms relevant to economics and                 employ them correctly and effectively.
2. Communicate effectively and professionally both orally and in writing      within the context of the economic world.

4. Demonstrate competence in the use of electronic tools to research,            manage, and present economic information.

5. Explain and evaluate the relevant benefits and costs to consider when     comparing decisions and policy choices.

6. Demonstrate the ability to work ethically, effectively, and respectively     with people of diverse backgrounds and with people who have                    different roles, social affiliations, and personalities. 

7. Communicate effectively in written form, basic economic theories,            concepts, analytical methods and policy choices.

8. Recognize and appreciate the global context of economics in the                world today.