Criminal Justice (CJ) Mission Statement

To prepare students with the critical thinking skills, 

education, and training for the criminal justice field.
Criminal Justice (CJ) Student Learning Outcomes

1.   Demonstrate proficienty in the vocabulary pertaining to the Criminal       Justice field.

2.   Explain the history and evolution of the CJ system in the US.

3.   Explain the investigative process and applicable laws.

4.   Demonstrate a basic understanding of the law and the legal                        system in the US.

5.   Examine the history and theories of and current practices within             the corrections system.

6.   Explain ethics and how it applies to the CJ system and various CJ              professionals.

7.   Recognize the root causes of crime and criminal behavior and the              role criminological theory plays in the study of CJ.

8.   Display decision making and critical thinking skills as they relate              to CJ.

9.   Apply learned concepts by bridging the gap between theories and              practice.

10.  Display an advanced level of understanding of CJ theories and                  concepts.

11.   Demonstrate a proficiency in writing, research, and critical                         thinking pertaining to the CJ field.

12.   Recognize the underlying societal problems that lead to crime and           victimization.

13.   Utilize CJ theories and concepts to combat social problems and                 distribute resources effectively.