Computer Science (CS) Mission Statement

The Computer Science (CS) courses will prepare students for industry leading, cutting edge professional work and expertise in the fields of computer science, software engineering, and computer technology.  Students taking these courses will learn the tools used in developing and troubleshooting the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of modern software and database systems.

Computer Science (CS) Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Understand and use elements of good programming style        and best practices

2.  Explain Information Systems and choose appropriate                 systems based on requirements.

3.  Describe basic information security and computer ethics.

4.  Demonstrate ability to develop software solutions using a         variety of programming models, including functional and         object oriented programming.

5.  Identify and describe layers of the OSI and TCP/IP                     models, and use them effectively in troubleshooting.

6.  Demonstrate ability to install, configure, manage, and               maintain databases and database systems technologies.

7.  Describe and discuss different software development                 techniques and their relationship with databases,                       information systems, business requirements, as well as             their functions, advantages and disadvantages, and their           respective implementations.