Communication and Media Studies (CMS)          Mission Statement: 

The WVU Parkersburg Media and Communication Department provides students with the necessary intellectual and practical 
skills to produce top quality work in the diverse and rapidly changing communication/media landscape. The program is 
built upon a hands-on approach to communication and media 
that fosters the principles of fairness, accuracy, critical thinking, 
and listening while helping students make ethical decisions in 
the communication environment.  We are dedicated to graduating 
skilled communication professionals to produce a positive impact 
on the local, state, and national level.
Communication and Media Studies (CMS) 
Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Students will demonstrate an ability to select the appropriate
     channels to communicate effective messages. 

2.  Students will emonstrate an ability evaluate and critique their own          and others' communication.

3.  Students will exhibit strong listening skills.

4.   Students will demonstrate an ability to produce strategic
      communication materials that are clear, accurate, thorough, cogent,       and fair.

5.   Students will demonstrate an ability to apply communication theory
      and mass communication principles to real-life situations.

6.  Students will exhibit creativity and innovation in the delivery of

7.  Students will competently analyze an audience to create effective

8.  Students will articulate the role of ethics in media and