Welcome to the WVU-P Collegiate 4-H Club Page!

“The Four H’s (Head, Heart, Hands and Health) apply to all aspects of life, so get involved and help Make the Best Better!” – Hannah Swecker


Meeting Times



Club Meetings are the 4th Monday of the Month at 11:30am in Room 1004 (unless posted otherwise) at WVU-P


February 24th


March 31st


April 28th (Room 1321)



We only meet during our Fall & Spring Semesters

 Contact Information

Email: 4h@wvup.edu

Phone: WVU Extension Office-Wood County
(304) 424-1960

Mailing Address:
WVU-P Collegiate Club
WVU Parkersburg
300 Campus Drive
Parkersburg, WV 26104

About Us
Collegiate 4-H clubs are student organizations based on university campuses nationwide. These clubs provide opportunities for members to develop leadership skills, engage in meaningful group projects, enjoy social activities with their peers, have a sense of identity and community on campus, provide service and support to local and state communities and 4-H programs, and for many, facilitate 4-H members’ transition to 4-H volunteers or extension professionals.

As WVU-P Collegiate 4H Club we help out our Community and much more. We are laid back and do things as we can. Being college students we all have busy schedules!

4-H clubs usually concentrates on one or more projects such as gardening, woodworking, small or large animals, food and nutrition, photography, etc. 4-H members are able to build leadership by electing officers and conducting business meetings; work together on community service activities; meet new friends; and most important, have lots of fun.


Why would someone want to be in 4-H?

By Emily Evert, WVU Junior

Hm…good question! However, it’s so simple yet it has some complexity. By being simple I mean yes, anybody in their right mind would want to join 4-H; the complexity of it is that 4-H provides someone with so much it’s hard to narrow it down to a paragraph. 4-H is awesome, there I’ve said it! 4-H is the pinnacle of organizations to belong to, it allows for so much personal growth and it provides a lot of social situations that enable youth to reach out beyond what they consider “comfortable.” It takes those self-conscious thoughts out of your head and molds you into a person who develops public speaking skills, a community-minded/earth conserving machine! But also it allows for the building of a concrete, unsurpassed leadership know-how. There are so many friends that you’ll meet because of the many social opportunities given to 4-Hers…just to name a few: Camps such as OMC (Older Members’ Conference), Alpha I, Alpha II which are on the state level, but also conferences on the National Level. 4-H is so powerful that it has even gone global; it is a force that has impacted people all over the world. We are the youth of America, but wouldn’t it be cool to meet and become friends with the youth of the world? I think it would be! I’m already part of this wonderful organization that has given me so much…Now, it’s your turn! I DARE YOU.