Child Development (CDEV) Mission Statement 

To provide education and credentialing of persons in the field of 

Child Development in order to serve the needs of the children 

families, community, and the future Child Development 

systems students will enter.

Child Development (CDEV) 
Student Learning Outcomes

       1.  Plan and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum                   based on knowledge of child development, research and early                   childhood and educational theory with consideration for the                       multiple factors that influence child development.

       2.  Initiate, sustain and develop relationships with families and                       communities to build a respectful and reciprocal community of                  learners to support children.

       3.  Select, use, and evaluate assessment techniques and strategies,                  such as observation and documentation.

       4.  Identify as an early childhood professional and participate in the             profession through commitment to the NAEYC Code of Ethical                 Conduct, professional organizations, professional development,               and advocacy for children and families.