Business Technology (BTEC) Mission Statement

       To provide learning opportunities that introduce, develop,              and reinforce academic and technology skills required                    for job acquisition, retention, and advancement in the                       21st Century. This comprehensive program emphasizes                   the integration of competency skills from the areas of                      information, technology, basic workplace skills and                        attitudes, critical thinking, and problem-solving                            applications necessary in modern business operations.

Business Technology (BTEC) 
Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Display working knowledge of terms relevant to Business 
     Technology and employ them correctly and effectively, including 
     international practices.

2.  Differentiate between effective and non-effective verbal and non-
      verbal communication, which includes an understanding of
      international norms and expectations.

3.  Determine appropriate software to address technical and business

4.  Develop the intellectual discipline of life-long learning in order to
      remain current and up-to-date in a rapidly changing software and 
      technical environment.

5.  Introduce students to the particular ethical challenges faced by
     employees in the Business Technology profession.

6.  Demonstrate the ability to work ethically, effectively, and
      respectively with people of diverse backgrounds and with people 
      who have different roles, social affiliations, and personalities.

7.   Exhibit professional development and appropriate behavior in the
      Business Technology (BTEC) workplace.