Action Research in Student Teaching

 WVSU is providing all teacher candidates an opportunity to report on the assessment activities for at least one unit (of at least 5 days duration) in each placement.  When you write up your Action Research report, you will report on your unit, and emphasize the activities and strategies that you incorporated into your instruction.  Document any accommodations and modifications that you made for students with exceptional learning needs.  Document all your assessment activities.  At a minimum report pre-test and post test results.  But also report the RESULTS of any other major assessment, and report each of the formative assessments, quizzes or minor assessments (exit visas, KWL charts, etc.) that you used.  Your documentation of assessment/evaluation activities will show what your students learned from your teaching of this unit. All teacher candidates must collect the results of the multiple assessments and make instructional decisions based on these results.  Candidates must write up the results of the assessments in summary form and briefly describe their data-based instructional decisions.  Candidates must include a chart or table showing scores from the pre-test and post-test for each student.  Graphs are not absolutely necessary, but may be helpful since graphs convey a lot of information in a small space and can also help you understand your data.  You will reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of instruction, based on the data you collect -- as well as your recollection of teaching experiences.  Examine assignment directions and the rubric carefully to see what is expected of you.  


Read the assignment directions before you begin to write.  Many of the sample reports were written for different directions and a different rubric.  So the assignment directions are essential.  

The more time you spend on instruction of this unit, the more likely you are to see gains.  (Five days is the minimum requirement.  Three weeks is recommended to show gains for skill lessons.)

Item analysis
of the pre-test and post-test items is helpful in making informed decisions.

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