Woodford Village Hall (originally known as The Reading Room) was built in 1901 by the Hon.Louis Greville primarily for those employed on the big estates in the Woodford Valley.  

By day Woodford Village Hall served as a place where newspapers and magazines were supplied and read, and by evening for refreshments, dances and recreation.  

A partition, now long gone (but easily identifiable), divided the hall into smaller and larger rooms to keep the sexes apart by day!  

During the First World War the troops stationed on Salisbury Plain greatly appreciated the refreshments and comfort which were shared with the Woodford Valley community.

Old Photos

Do you recognise anyone in the photo below? It was handed to Rae by George Kirkham of 35 Duck Lane, Laverstock and is believed to be of a Woodford team from days past. (It is dated 10/3/1934).

George's father, Arthur Kirkham, is bottom row, first on left.