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The Woodford and Great Durnford Parish Councils have now adopted the Woodford Valley Community Emergency Plan. 

This plan has been prepared in conjunction with Wiltshire Council and the Environment Agency. It creates a communication network throughout the valley for use in the event of emergencies such as serious flooding, prolonged power cuts or a major snow problem.  It also identifies resources and volunteers able to provide assistance to people who need it, either due to the location of their house or their personal circumstances. 

Most of the plan is available for you to read by following the links later on this page.


Of course the first person responsible for ensuring that your property is protected from flooding is you. And you can find good advice at this government website on how you can prepare yourself for what sadly seems to be becoming a more and more likely event. 

However the Emergency Plan Group have been able to obtain a limited supply of sand, sand-bags, gel bags and flood signs that we have stored in a couple of locations in the valley. If you need access to them in an emergency please contact one of the appointed Flood Wardens as follows:


Rae Owen: 01722 782910/ 07799 878702 (Woodfords and Great Durnford to Salterton)

Ed Bailey: 01980 624848/ 07980 630172 (Wilsford and Lake)



The emergency plan is divided into six sections most of which can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Woodford Valley Community Emergency Plan

This is the main section and is what the parish councils have adopted as their policy. It sets out the basic way the plan will operate.


Appendix 1 Risks and Responses

This part looks at the most likely risks to the valley and outlines some of the actions we are able to take.


Appendix 2 Communications

This part describes a communications network for use in the event of an emergency. It contains a lot of useful contact details.


Appendix 3 Volunteers and Resources

This part lists the volunteers and resources available to the Flood Wardens, should the need arise. To maintain people's privacy this section is not published here.


Appendix 4 Volunteers' Guide

This section provides information and health and safety guidance to people volunteering.


Appendix 5 Maps

These maps show the areas thought by the Environment Agency to be most at risk of flooding. We also have details of which houses have flooded in the past, but these are not shown on this copy of the maps for privacy reasons. 

The maps are based on a computer model of river levels, but of course flash flooding or groundwater may well decide not to follow the plan and a number of houses in the valley have been flooded due to water rushing down the side roads and entering the houses before draining away.

So just because your house is outside the pink area it doesn't mean you're safe!


We are, needless to say, always looking for more volunteers. If you have a specialist skill or are a reasonably fit person please contact your local Village Coordinator as listed in Appendix 2, or myself: Graham Parks on 01742 782364 or grahamparks1001@gmail.com. Similarly if you feel particularly vulnerable due to your personal circumstances or due to the location of your house please feel free to contact me and we will put you on our records.


We also have a Facebook page. We will be using this to provide news and information both before and during any emergency. Anyone on Facebook can post on it, so if you have any comments on what we are doing, or want to transmit information about blocked roads or whatever, then please feel free to use it.


Finally we must make it clear that the Emergency Plan is only meant to come into action when transport through the valley is difficult, or problems are so widespread that the emergency services are too busy elsewhere to help. Neither the Plan nor the volunteers are intended in any way as a substitute for the normal emergency services. If you need help dial 999.


Graham Parks.

Chairman of Woodford Valley Community Emergency Plan Working Group. March 2016

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