Thoughtful Practices Yield Quality Transition Services

The WVDE Office of Special Programs posts meeting announcements and documents for meetings on this site for the WV Transition Collaborative Community of Practice (WV TCCoP). During 2009-2010 a “community” was established to support quality transition services for all youth with IEPs in WV. The community is made up of representatives from districts in WV interested in developing expertise and skills to provide quality secondary transition services to students with IEPs. 

District and school representatives who are assigned to coordinate transition services have the opportunity to build local expertise for implementing effective practices for secondary transition in four specific areas:

·         Transition in the IEP process and providing quality services,

·         Improving graduation rates,

·         Reducing dropout rates and

·         Successful post school outcomes.


Participants deepen their understanding and implementation of transition services for students with disabilities by participating in face-to-face workshops, e-discussions, teleconferences and book studies.
Individuals who are responsible for implementing transition services at the district or school level, Institutional Education Programs, WV Schools for the Deaf and the Blind and RESA may be interested in discussions and professional development opportunities through this collaborative. Additionally, adult service providers, families and students interested in this topic are welcome.
The pages on this site include agendas and documents for the face-to-face workshops for the WV TCCoP.
Look for future announcements for opportunities to participate.
Internet Links
Visitors to this site have access to links and information about transition services. The home page highlights a success story as told by a parent and new links for you to explore. Go to the site to view the video and to explore resources for transition services.
Discussion site for Secondary Transition:
A blog has been established at the WVTCCoP edublogs site.
 The former Ning site information is currently being added to this site to allow access to archive information and generate new ideas.
Check it out and join a discussion.
Here are step-by-step instructions to join this blog.

Instructions for Edublog

Registering for the new and free discussion site for the Transition Collaborative

Starting at the WV TCCoP Google Site:

Select WVTCCoP edublogs link that takes the individual to the WV Transition Collaborative Community of Practice blog. It will appear with a dark background. Scroll to the bottom of the narrative text, just prior to the lighter blocks of comments.

Select the sentence that links to a general registration page: Go to the Log In to edublogs to register or to log in to your account to contribute.

Note: It will be easy to return to the WV TCCoP blog if you copy the web address just below the sentence link for registration or just type in

If you are already an edublog member, then you can just log in as you normally do. If not, please register by clicking the Register link just below the log in box.

To register you need to determine a username, password and enter an email address. Then you will set up your blog (which you don’t have to do anything to yet unless you are feeling industrious). You will be provided a blog domain, your and be asked to make a blog title. The title can be original or something simple like “Karen’s Blog.” Select the blog type (teacher, student or other) and language. Last provide the human verification and agree to the terms.

Once these steps are complete, click Start blogging. A screen appears for you to write your blog URL information. I keep mine in a document with passwords. You can Login to your new blog and get creative, or just return to the WV TCCoP blog. If you create your own blog, clicking the start blogging box takes you to the dashboard so you can develop your free blog.

To return to the WV TCCoP blog: Instead of clicking in the Login to your new blog box, just paste (if you copied it before leaving the WV TCCoP-left click one time to highlight the current type in the browser, then right click and select paste) the URL or type in The WV TCCoP opening page is now displayed with a light background so the information can be read easily.

Just select a topic that you might be interested in reading and commenting about from the list of pages along the right column to go to the page you desire.