WVCPTS - October 8 Meeting Summary

October 8, 2008:

The WVCPTS devoted a large portion of the meeting agenda to a review of the revised draft of the teaching standards document.  WVDE staff explained the Task Force recommendations as well as how the initial document was revised to incorporate those recommendations.  The revised draft is organized around six domains that address the “What, Who, Where and How” of teaching, as well as the professional responsibilities necessary to assure individual professional learning and support of and contribution to continuous improvement for students and school.  The six domains are: 

·         Knowledge of content or “What we teach”

·         Knowledge of learners or “Who we teach”

·         Knowledge of learning environment or “Where we teach”

·         Knowledge of teaching or “How we teach”

·         Professional responsibilities for self-renewal

·         Professional responsibilities for school and community


The WVCPTS reviewed the revised draft and were in general agreement with the recommendations made by the Task Force on September 29, 2008.  In addition to making a number of edits needed to clarify language, the WVCPTS asked WVDE staff to use language in the teaching standards document that is consistent with language used in other policies/documents to represent West Virginia’s 21st Century Partnership and teaching and learning initiative.  The latest revision of the document uses the same language that is used on the national P-21 website referenced on the WVDE website at:  http://www.21stcenturyskills.org/ . 

The WVCPTS wanted to make sure the standards document used language to reference to 21st century content, skills, and technology tools, etc., to be consistent with what teachers would see in WVBE policy documents.  The WVCPTS also supported the organizational structure for the standards document using six domains with four of the domains addressing the what, who, where and how of teaching and two domains addressing the professional responsibilities of teaching.  The WVCPTS viewed the total document as a comprehensive representation of what teachers must know and be able to do to be effective in West Virginia’s 21st century classrooms.  This revised version of the teaching standards blends the elements of the framework for understanding teaching and learning that is the core of the research conducted by Linda Darling-Hammond and John Bransford (Knowledge of Learners, Knowledge of Subject Matter, Knowledge of Teaching); the components of professional practice defined by Charlotte Danielson (Planning and Preparation, The Classroom Environment, Instruction and Professional Responsibilities); the 21st century teaching and learning initiative that has been implemented in West Virginia, and the national standards that are already valued by the state:  INTASC, NCATE, NBPTS, ISTE, etc.