WV Pre-K Steering Team

The WV Pre-k Steering team serves as the designated review committee from each agency to meet WVBE Policy 2525 requirements.  The WV Pre-k Steering Team is an inter-agency advisory team of representatives from the WV Department of Education (WVDE), the WV Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR), and the WV Head Start Collaboration Office. This collaborative team offers statewide technical assistance to county collaborative teams implementing WVBE Policy 2525. They provide consistent and compatible direction, guidance, and technical assistance to local county Pre-k teams implementing WVBE Policy 2525 in order to support and promote collaborative efforts and maximization of resources as outlined in WVBE Policy 2525.

4.5.c.All changes of substance to the approved county collaborative plan or approved universal pre-k program structure after 2012-13 must be submitted as an addendum to the WVDE with signatures of all the required county collaborative early childhood core team members for review and approval 30 days prior to the implementation of the changes.  Changes of substance refer to program changes including, but not limited to classroom locations, operation, curriculum, staffing and resources.  Failure to do so may result in the non-approval of the change.


4.5.d. The WVDE, in collaboration with the WVDHHR, has the responsibility of convening a committee to review the quality and content of the changes.  This committee, designated as the WV Pre-K Steering Team, is comprised of representatives from the WVDE, WVDHHR, and the Head Start State Collaboration Office. State collaborative participation on the committee will ensure the maximization of resources as related to (1) federal and other available funds, and (2) Head Start programs and other public and private programs approved by the State Superintendent of Schools.


18.4.  The WVDE, in collaboration with the WVDHHR and Head Start State Collaboration Office, will conduct a WV Universal Pre-K Program Review at a minimum of once every three years. 

     18.4.a.  The program review will consist of a desk top audit, site-visits, and county collaborative team interviews.  The purpose of the program review is to ensure counties continue to implement WV Universal Pre-K programs in alignment to policy and assist with each county’s continuous quality improvement process with the comprehensive collaborative model.  The program review will provide individualized technical assistance to county collaborative early childhood teams.  The WVDE will provide guidance and procedures for completion of the program review.

 Core Team

Janet Bock-Hager, Coordinator



WVDE Office of Early Learning



Ginger Huffman, Coordinator



WVDE Office of Special Programs


Patricia Haynes, Early Care and Education



WVDHHR Division of Early Care and Education





WV Head Start Collaboration Director

WV Head Start State Collaboration Office



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