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Unblock YouTube Videos

Got a great YouTube video you’d like to use in the classroom?  Teachers can now request to have YouTube videos unblocked by the filtering system via the Webtop.  You will need a Webtop account to complete this process.  Please note the information below and be selective about which videos you select to add for unblocking.  You need to make sure the video has a clear copyright and is owned by the person who posted it.  A few ways to check is 1) look at the username to see if it is relevant to the organization that would have permissions to post (this isn't always the case--anyone can create a username that says whatever they choose.)  Generally, if a username like "I_lovegummibears" is posting videos from CBS News, they do NOT have the copyright. 2) Click the user name to go to the person's channel page.  If the channel page is obviously tied to that organization (example: PBS, CSB News), then it is even more evident.  If the videos are of similar content, quality and design, that's another way to determine.  If the videos are random stuff someone has uploaded, they probably are not going to be cleared for unblocking.  3) Finally, look at the video.  Does it have a logo in the bottom of the corner or appear that it was created from a camera shooting towards a television screen.  

You also need to ensure that the language (including that of the comments and description) is not offensive and that the video is in no way pornographic or obscene.  Since you are logged into your Webtop account, your contact information will be generated along with your submission.  You will be held responsible for any content you submit. 

If you have questions relating to this process, email: filtering@access.k12.wv.us

How to Submit Your YouTube URL:

Login to your Webtop account at http://wvde.k12.wv.us/

Don’t have one, get one here!  https://wvde.state.wv.us/x/wt-agree

Open the folder, Teacher Tools.  Click the icon, YouTube Request. 

You will then be asked to complete the following information:

Hello, XXXXXX. With this form you are submitting a request for a particular YouTube video to be available in schools. All fields on this form are required. All submissions must be for valid educational purposes and include a brief justification. No notification will be provided. Please wait at least one full working day then check to see if the link is unblocked. Only individual videos can be unblocked, not entire "channels" or "categories."

A YouTube video that is unblocked is not an indication that the WVDE endorses the use of that particular video or that the video has been scrutinized for possible copyright violation. The person who accesses any YouTube video is responsible for the appropriate use of the video in accordance with West Virginia State and County laws and policies, Copyright laws, and the Terms and Conditions stated on the YouTube web site.

Persons who submit inappropriate links will be held responsible for doing so and the privilege to use this tool may be revoked. Read all the comments that are posted about the video. If the comments contain offensive language, DO NOT submit the video to be unblocked.

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