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June 2013 LM Links

posted Jun 19, 2013, 1:35 PM by Julia Benincosa Legg

Have a resource or site you’d like to share?  Submit it here! http://goo.gl/qS8KS  You will receive credit in the next newsletter! 



Library MediaEducational website - new and improved in 2013!

You Know You’re A Teacher When


Professional Development

FREE Webinar

The ALA Washington Office is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, June 18, 2013, from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT. “Advocacy Recycling”: Leverage Existing Events and Resources For Lasting Advocacy Impact will look at 10 quick and easy ways to use something you’re already doing to impact the policy arena. Think of it as “advocacy recycling.” https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/820414770

Description:  “Between reading programs, hosting community meetings and classes, assisting students in summer school, and everything in between, summer is a great time for all types of libraries to really shine. As we all know, when decision makers don't understand what a library does and how it benefits your community or school, they might feel tempted to cut funds or other methods of support.  Now is the time to leverage your existing resources, calendar and events to really show (not just tell) how valuable you are to the people a decision maker represents.  We'll look at 10 quick and easy ways to use something you're already doing to impact the policy arena.  Think of it as ‘advocacy recycling.’  If you've wanted to help make a difference but were never sure you had the time, join this session for some practical tips, techniques and case studies from the library world.”

Free teacher pass for the Philadelphia Zoo


This pass will be available to certified/licensed preK-12 classroom teachers, principals and assistant principals who work in public, private and charter schools. The pass will be good for your single admission, Mondays through Fridays, between June 17 and August 30, 2013. You can use the pass to visit the Zoo multiple times during this period. Each individual teacher must register online for one individual pass and you must bring BOTH a valid pass and your teacher ID, union card or school district pay stub each time you visit the Zoo.

Coffee Time EDU


EdTech tutorial videos on a variety of technology tools.


30 Free Teacher PD Courses



Three Places to Search for Free Online Courses


“The boom in MOOC and other online course offerings means that we don't have to go far to find courses that meet our needs. Here are three places to find your next free, online course.”


Learn it in 5


A powerful library of how-to videos, produced by technology teachers, for the purpose of helping teachers and students create classroom strategies for today's 21st century's digital classroom. These step-by-step how-to videos walk teachers through Web 2.0 technology, demonstrating how to use Web 2.0 applications like blogs, social networks, podcasts, interactive videos, wikis, slide sharing and much more.


7 Wonderful Google Docs Tutorials for Teachers


Video tutorials.



Book swaps, mobile library aim to stop summer ‘brain drain’


How do you combat summer “brain drain?” Top of the list for schools in Austin, Texas, are book swaps and a new mobile library that will visit parks near their schools.



Web Tools

Differentiate with Choice Boards


Differentiating Instruction Using Learning Menus and Choice Boards with templates and instructional videos.  Include menu of projects to choose from for an assignment. It has a "Required" section where everyone has to do that part of the project, then there is a section where you pick like 2 of the 5 choices.


TechSteps Typing Tutor


It is free and available to all WV students 2nd grade to 8th grade. Take a look at this link for a student recording sheet to go along with the program. http://www.wvpomeroy.com/uploads/1/1/4/1/11412243/become_a_keyboarding_expert.docx

To see the program, just log in as a student at http://www.techsteps.com


Your essential ‘how-to’ guide to using Prezi in an academic environment


“Presentation boredom can be a significant barrier to academic communication. Ned Potter provides guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of Prezi as a fresh approach to the PowerPoint doldrums. Prezi favours a non-linear format which also allows for more self-guided autonomy for viewers. But Prezi isn’t brilliant for accessibility and the whizzy technology can interfere with what you’re trying to say. Helpful tips are provided on how to get the most out of the interactive features.”




Create free webquests without HTML. Other created webquests also available.


gooru (beta)


A Search Engine For Learning.  Discover your favorite Science, Math, Social Sciences and Language Arts topics.


PBS LearningMedia


Instant access to tens of thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans, and more! You can search, save, and share with ease.  Free for educators.


theLearnia (beta)


A free social educational network.  A unique educational hybrid of educational videos combined with the social media interaction. It is powered by adaptive-LMS™ engine, a statistical algorithm that uses the wisdom of the crowd and analyzes students' learning curves to organize materials in a way that students can find relevant lessons and help them to explore new content related to their skills.




A Google Chrome extension that displays a small pop-up notification in the corner of your browser whenever someone edits one the Google Documents that you have shared with him or her.


Culture Street Picture Book Maker


Create online, print or email.




Formerly Wallwisher. A virtual surface that has all the benefits of being digital and the simplicity of a notepad.


What QR Codes Can Do For You!





The primary purpose of Dispatch is to provide a place in which you can create a group of collaborators to share files, exchange notes, and plan projects from Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and Box.


The New Version of Google Forms Finally Arrived on Google Apps for Edu


One of the best features of the new version is the option to include pictures in your questions. Watch the video to learn how to add pictures to Google Forms.


Remind 101 - Safely Text Parents and Students


“Remind 101 is a free service that allows you to send text messages to groups of students and or parents from your computer, your iPhone, or your Android phone. The benefit of using Remind 101 over Google Voice to text students and parents is that your phone number is not revealed and your students' cell phone numbers are not revealed to you. Students and parents have to opt-in if they want to be added to your text messaging list. Students and parents have to enter a confirmation code to state that they do want to be contacted by you through the service.”




Create online to-do lists.


Scrible (beta)


A free service offering tools for highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking webpages and includes options for formatting bibliographies as you bookmark. Scrible offers browser bookmarklets for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.  Students can get a free Scrible account that has double the storage capacity of the standard free account. Scrible also has a new feature that allows you to compile your article clippings into one package. 


Problem Attic


A free service that allows you to quickly create practice tests and flashcards for social studies, language arts, mathematics, and science.  “Problem-Attic gives you access to about 85,000 questions from a variety of sources, all for free! Use these questions to easily create your own teaching materials, from tests and worksheets to flashcards and overheads.”




A visual bookmarking tool to add "clips" (bookmarks) to your eduClipper boards. You can add PowerPoint, PDF, Google Drive files and image files to your boards. You can also add links to videos to your boards and play the videos without leaving your eduClipper board.


Play Games or Create Your Own Through YoYo Games



Power My Learning


Free online educational activities organized by subject area.


So You Want to Do Mystery Skype?



Great Mystery Skype Questions to Get You Started



Academic and Common Core Resources

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, one of two major coalitions of states designing the tests, has released sets of online sample test questions for grades 3-8 and 11 in both English language arts and math, the first two subjects to be tested. The common-core tests will be delivered online in participating states during the 2014-15 academic year.

Direct Link: https://sbacpt.tds.airast.org/student/

Click on the sign in button---you will be let in automatically.

Select grade level and then YES.

Choose your subject....and begin.

For additional information: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/pilot-test/

Common Core Conversation


Free resources, lessons and teaching strategies.




Sharing Common Core Language with Students video.



Free education resources for teaching. Standards-aligned and customizable.




Free online school content, CosmoLearning (CL) is an educational website committed to improving the quality of teaching and student excellence. Designed for educators and self-learners, organized according to traditional curriculum standards, provides courses, video lectures, documentaries, images, books and other multimedia in dozens of subjects.




Educational videos, lessons and games. Organized by topic.


Language Arts Resources



Offers printable handouts on plagiarism, proper citation, and paper writing.


The Newspaper Clipping Generator


Create a newspaper clipping, a clapper board, and more…




Short story idea generator, random conflicts generator, word count meters, readability analyzer, half title generator, cliché buster.


5 Free Services for Helping Students Learn to Spell


Here are some resources that your students can use to develop and practice their spelling skills.


Making Sense of Spelling


The TED-Ed video Making Sense of Spelling explains why some words are spelled the way they are and why some words have multiple spellings.


22 Frames - News Videos for ESL Students


“22 Frames is a service that provides a central location for locating captioned videos for learning English and for Internet users who have hearing impairments. 22 Frames provides more than just captioned videos. Along with the videos 22 Frames provides a list of idioms, slang words, and commonly mispronounced words in each video. Viewers can click on any of the words in the lists provided by 22 Frames to find a definition for each word and to find pronunciation tips.”


Make Beliefs Comix Offers 300+ Printable Comic Templates


The printable templates from Make Beliefs Comix could be excellent resources to use as creative writing prompts.


5 Tools Students Can Use to Create Alternative Book Reports


“Having students create book trailers is an excellent alternative to traditional book report projects.”


Shakespeare Uncovered - Videos and Lesson Plans


A collection of videos and lesson plans hosted on PBS Learning Media, “Shakespeare Uncovered is designed for high school students to explore more than just the writing of Shakespeare. The materials in Shakespeare Uncovered can provide a deeper understanding of what influenced Shakespeare's writings.”


Famous Authors’ Handwritten Outlines for Great Works of Literature



Science Resources

NurdRage Science Experiments


A channel run by science nerds for science nerds.  They demonstrate science experiments for all levels, from kitchen chemistry to advanced synthesis.


Nature Works Everywhere


The Nature Conservancy and its 550 scientists have created this initiative which gives teachers, students and families everything they need to start exploring and understanding nature’s fantastic factory — videos, interactive games, and interactive lesson plans that align to standards. Takes your class around the world to visit nature at its productive best — from coral reefs to bee gardens, from Maine’s snowy forests to Africa’s grasslands.  Science and social studies topics that teachers can use as is or customize for their own classroom needs.


Social Studies Resources

PBS: American Experience


Browse the entire American Experience series featuring over 250 films. Watch full films online, download teacher’s guides, go behind the scenes, and learn more about your favorite films.


Soomo Publishing


A team of digital craftsmen with a passion for education, including editors, graphic artists, web developers, filmmakers, and instructional designers.


Example videos:

Women’s Suffrage


Includes video content and teaching resources.


T.J. and the Revo…Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration





Create and share lessons about the news.


Timelines of Exploration


“This year National Geographic is celebrating 125 years of publishing pictures and stories from explorations all over the world. One of the ways that National Geographic is publishing items from their archives is as parts of exploration timelines. There are four timelines of exploration hosted online right now. Those timelines are Underwater Exploration, Women Explorers, Space Exploration, and National Geographic History. The images in the timelines highlight notable achievements in each area. Each of the captioned images can be enlarged.”


Using Primary Sources to Learn About Lincoln


“Under His Hat is a website produced by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation for the purpose of showcasing some digital versions of primary source materials about Abraham Lincoln.”


Free, Open Source, Portable Atlas


“PAT is a free, open source, collection of maps developed by Ian Macky. The collection includes maps of every country in the world. Regional maps were recently added to the collection. You can download any and all of these detailed maps for free.”


Explore more with Mapping with Google


Free, self-paced, online course from Google.  Mapping with Google will be offered from June 10 - June 24, and you can choose whether to explore the features of Google Maps, Google Earth, or both. In addition, you’ll have the option to complete a project, applying the skills you’ve learned to earn a certificate. Visit g.co/mappingcourse to learn more and register today.  


Miscellaneous Resources

Free Lesson Plans


Resource of lesson plans, thematic units, bulletin boards, teacher resources, sites, etc.




Factoid Videos


MIT Open Courseware


Materials used in the teaching of MIT's subjects available on the Web.




Free organized educational videos.




Video presentation and interactive assignments. Free.




Educational videos. Includes “flip this video” button which allows you to turn a video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely. You can add context, questions and follow-up suggestions.




“Free, core academic web site that delivers rich multimedia content--videos, animations, and simulations--on general education subjects to middle-school and high-school teachers and college professors, and their students, free of charge. Teachers project HippoCampus content during classroom learning and assign it for computer labs and homework. Students use the site in the evenings for study and exam prep. Users do not need to register or log in to use the site.”


National Gallery of Art


More than 25,000 images of works of art.  Nearly all images can be downloaded and reused for free.


Check Out the New Look of the Google Art Project


“The Google Art Project features artwork from dozens of famous museums all over the world. The Google Art Project takes inside the museum with Street View imagery.”


29 Games Kids Can Play to Try Engineering


“Try Engineering is a site that hosts lesson plans and games designed to get students interested in engineering. The lesson plans, 114 in all, are arranged according age and engineering topic. The lesson plans can be downloaded as PDFs.  The games section of Try Engineering features 29 games. Some of the games were developed specifically for Try Engineering while others are hosted on other educational sites like those of NASA and PBS. Like the lesson plans, the games collection cover a variety of topics including solar energy, space science, and bio-engineering.”


Seven YouTube Channels Your Students Will Love


These channels offer students clips that feed their curiosity.


Top 10 Must Have Free Windows Applications




5 Good Lesson Plans for Teaching Copyright


“Copyright can be a confusing topic for adults as well as children. The EFF's Teaching Copyright lesson plans provide teachers with the materials and resources needed for teaching appropriate use of copyrighted materials.”


Still the Best Presentation on Copyright for Educators


Dr. Wes Fryer's presentation Copyright for Educators.


Cyber Safety

Common Sense Media


Offers Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Curriculum on their website by grade level. Also offers free printable colorful posters for classrooms!


NEW! 1-to-1 Essentials Program:  Care & Maintenance Poster for Younger Kids

Ready to go 1:1 with your elementary class? This classroom poster from our 1-to-1 Essentials Program will help remind your younger kids to keep their new tablet safe, dry, charged, and shared with these 5 basic rules.


NEW! 1-to-1 Essentials Program: Care & Maintenance Poster for Older Kids

From our 1-to-1 Essentials Program, use this poster to give students the jumpstart they need to use their 1:1 devices in enriching and responsible ways. Hang this poster in your classroom to encourage older kids to treat tablets with care with these tips.


All Digital Citizens: Classroom Poster for Elementary School

What makes a digital citizen? Display this reminder in your classroom to help young kids remember to protect private information, respect themselves and others, stay safe online, stand up to cyberbullying, and balance the time they spend using media.


Should I Share?: Classroom Poster for Middle & High School

Kids love to instantly share photos of their friends and family online - it's one of the best things about today's technology! But there are some cases where a photo shouldn't be posted or shared. Hang this poster in your hallway to help students decide if posting their new pic is a good idea.


We, The Digital Citizens Pledge: Classroom Poster for Elementary School

The essentials of digital citizenship (such as showing respect, giving credit, and standing up to cyberbullying) are all there - but also a few blank lines for your class to discuss and add their own thoughts to the pledge before they sign.


Sexting Among Teens to be Banned in West Virginia



Teens, Social Media, and Privacy: New Survey Findings from Pew and the Berkman Center


Teens are sharing more details about themselves on social media profiles, but few do so publicly; Teen social media users do not express a high level of concern about third-party access to their data; Teen Twitter use has grown significantly.



17 Teacher-tested Ways to Find Free or Cheap Stuff for Your Classroom


Disclaimer: WVDE does not promote any for-cost products, services or vendors.


Free PowerPoint Templates


“Download free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds with original slide designs for your presentations. Make awesome PowerPoint presentations with free illustrations or combine nice diagrams for PowerPoint with business characters and avatars to impress your audience. You can download free PowerPoint templates and themes compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2007 and the new PowerPoint 2013 but also available to be used on Keynote presentations or Office for Mac.”


Sync [Audiobooks]


SYNC is a program that gives away two complete audiobook downloads–a current Young Adult title paired thematically with a Classic or Required Summer Reading title–each week to listeners ages 13+ while SYNC is in session.  SYNC is in session this year from May 30 – August 21, 2013.

Titles are delivered through the OverDrive Media Console.  You can prepare for the program by downloading the software to your desktop and whichever device you anticipate listening on.


Graphics and Website Enhancements


Graffiti Creator


Allows you to design your own name or logotype in graffiti-style.  Several different font styles to choose from.




Photo collage, Photo card and a Where’s Waldo game creater are all the available web applications.


Big Huge Labs


A variety of photo editor tools available for free. Create your own motivational poster, magazine cover, movie poster, and more!




Create images for your classroom or site from popular templates.


Tagul (beta)


Web service that enables you to create word/tag clouds that you can place on your webpage. Tagul clouds have numerous advantages against ordinary text clouds like words inside words feature, fancy fonts, various cloud shapes, customizable colors, etc.


wondersay (Beta)


Generate animations from plain text.




Multiple tools to enhance your website.


Clipping Magic - Remove Background Materials from Your Images


“A new tool that makes it easy to edit background objects out of your images. Clipping Magic allows you to erase all of the background from an image so that the only thing left is the person, animal, or object that is the centerpiece of your image.”


Three Free Tools for Creating infographics



Create Infographics With Piktochart


“Provides seven free infographic templates. Each template can be customized by changing the colors, fonts, icons, and charts on each template. If you need more space on the template, you can add more fields at the bottom of the templates. If you need less space, you can remove fields from the templates.”


Every Stock Photo


A Search Engine for Free Images—an alternative to using Google Images to look for Creative Commons and Public Domain images.


Video Tools



Mobile and desktop video annotation tool.


8 Overlooked Useful YouTube Tools


“The YouTube video editor has some useful features for teachers and students.”


90 Videos That Will Help You Make Better Videos


“Today, we have lots of free and easy-to-use tools for creating videos. But the difference between a good video and a great video still comes down to the operator of those tools. These YouTube tutorial videos can help you and your students make the most of the video creation tools available to you.”


Create Slowmotion Videos Using the YouTube Video Editor


“YouTube [makes] it possible for anyone to create a slow motion video. The enhancements tool in the YouTube video editor now includes the option to apply slow motion effects to your videos. You can slow the action to 50%, 25%, or 12.5% of the original speed.”




Kathy Schrock’s Boolmin’ Apps


LM Links: May 2013

posted May 3, 2013, 11:28 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg   [ updated May 6, 2013, 5:55 AM ]

Teacher’s Calendar of Events (May): http://www.theteacherscorner.net/calendars/may.php


Join the Discussion about What’s Next for Teen Services

YALSA is hosting a virtual town hall on Tues. May 21st 2-3pm, eastern about what’s next for teen library services.  Any interested person is welcome to attend, especially those from the areas of libraries, education, technology, adolescent development and the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.  This is part of a year-long project in which YALSA will ultimately produce a report which will provide direction for how libraries can adapt to better meet the needs of 21st century teens.  Grant funding is generously provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  To learn more, visit www.ala.org/yaforum, or search #yalsaforum on Twitter.


Teen Read Week Dates Announced:

Oct. 13 – 19, Teen Read Week™, “Seek the Unknown @ your library,” www.ala.org/teenread


Poetry Out Loud


The National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation have partnered with U.S. state arts agencies to support Poetry Out Loud, a contest that encourages the nation's youth to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage.  Materials are sent to high schools beginning in August, and the program is run through early winter. (Poetry Out Loud does not require full class periods and can be completed in 2-3 weeks.) States hold their competitions by mid-March. Following the state finals, the National Finals will be held in Washington, DC in April.  If you are interested in participating in the official Poetry Out Loud Contest for the upcoming school year, please contact your state arts agency:

West Virginia Division of Culture and History

Cicely J. Bosley




Ideal for creating suggested Leisure Summer Reading lists for children and teens with a blurb about each.

Your Favorites: 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels



100 Best Children’s Chapter Books of All-Time



100 Best Picture Books of All-Time.



Exploring the life Roald Dahl


James Naughtie explores the life of Roald Dahl, who put his huge success down to conspiring with children against adults in his stories and sharing a child's sense of humour.



An Interview With James Patterson








[eBook] Classroom 2.0


A project of Steve Hargadon, Richard Byrne, Chris Dawson and the Classroom 2.0 community.


Free Kindle Downloads (Can be used with iOS or Android Kindle app)


Please note that some downloads may have expired by the time you view them so proceed with caution, ensuring that each title says $0.00 before downloading.


FREE Public Speaking Tips For The TERRIFIED Newcomer [Kindle Edition]


For your students approaching a public speaking situation.


[ARTICLE] The 6 Ways Teachers Want To Change Schools


“Almost unanimously, the teachers we polled asked for more access to books for their students. Rather than spending money on textbooks, scripted programs, and other initiatives, teachers wrote that they wanted to inspire their students to be lifelong readers. In order to do this, students need to be surrounded by books.”


Microsoft DreamSpark


DreamSpark is simple: it's all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools at no cost so that students can chase their dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology - or just get a head start on their career.


[VIDEO] What most US schools don't teach - 9min version



[VIDEO] An Introduction to Technology Integration


Edutopia:  Integrating technology with classroom practice can be a great way to strengthen engagement by linking students to a global audience, turning them into creators of digital media, and helping them practice collaboration skills that will prepare them for the future. For more about technology integration, visit http://www.edutopia.org/technology-integration



How Tos


Webinar: Working with sound in PowerPoint



How to convert a PowerPoint 2010 presentation into a video with one click



How To Add A Photo Slideshow To YouTube



How To Cite Social Media: MLA & APA Formats



5 Infographics to Teach You How to Easily Create Infographics in PowerPoint [+ TEMPLATES]




89 Cool Apps, Sites and Tools for Teaching


Apps, iOS, Android, and some are websites.


TCEA iPad Apps Resource (Texas Computer Education Association)


Free iPad apps are in the shaded cells.


Explore a Virtual Human Heart on Your iPad


FREE Virtual Heart App


Sentence Reading Magic – iPad Apps for Learning to Read


Free iPad app


Bitsboard – A Super iPad App for Spelling and Reading Practice


Free iPad app




7 Student-Tested Digital Storytelling Tools


Please note that the WVDE does not promote any for-cost resources that may be presented in this article.  Many free tools are included at no cost.




A  collection of artwork for schoolkids and others that is free of copyright concerns as well as safe from inappropriate images. Usage in school research and reports is my main focus when creating, or finding and editing -- but there are photos and clips here that work great for commercial uses, book illustrations, office presentations, and some just for fun...  All the images here are Public Domain.


Find Free Sound Effects on SoundGator



9 Tools to Create e-Magazines and Newspapers for your Class


Some free tools; some for cost. WVDE does not promote any for-cost products.


Free Templates to Create Newspapers for your Class



Five easy ways to use Picture Effects to rescue ho-hum photos


How to use Picture Tools in Word 2010 to help make-over your images.


12 Simple Image Editing Tools


Quick Picture Tools is a free service.





Free logo design tool.


Fotor - Edit Images and Create Image Collages on Almost Any Device


A free image editing tool available in your web browser, as a desktop application for Mac and Windows, as iPad app, as an Android app, and as a Windows 8 application.


Learn to Code for Free With These 10 Online Resources


For you or your students.


Ten Tools for Cropping, Resizing, and Enhancing Images Online


Please note that the WVDE does not promote any for-cost resources that may be presented in this article.  Many free tools are included at no cost.


Find Website Reviews for Sites for Kids


Filter by age, type, learning rating, subject, skill, genre, topics and more.


Virtual Field Trips

10 Interesting Ways* to use Google Earth in the Classroom   *and tips


Teach 123: Virtual Field Trips


Includes free printables.


A Teacher's Ultimate Destination for Virtual Field Trips



101 Websites That Every Elementary Teacher Should Know About





Free. Mind maps, quizzes, flashcards, setting study goals and notes software.


VideoNotes - A Tool for Taking Notes While Watching Academic Videos


Integrated with Google Drive.




A completely free service for hosting backchannel discussions.

Three Good Ways to Use Padlet In Your School


Use as a KWL chart, group research or to showcase student work (With parent permission for copyright and taking into consideration that it becomes out of the classroom and public so Fair Use no longer would apply.).

Tagboard - Organization for Following Hashtags


Free tool that allows you to enter any hashtag and view all of the Tweets, Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, Google+ posts, and Vine posts associated with that hashtag.




Student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Socrative is free with no restrictions as part of the beta product launch. There is no registration fee, usage fee and no credit card details are required.

Three Good Ways to Use Socrative In Your Classroom



Video: How to use the new features of Socrative






The free worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit.



Three Ways Students Can Explore Space From Their Desktops




Introducing MashPlant


“Free platform that allows teachers to create safe spaces for students that add a new layer of creativity, collaboration, and engagement to any curriculum. Teachers create one or more studios - small, private social networks - and invite their students to join via assignments on the teacher's blog. Teachers maintain a degree of control to keep order if necessary.  Students can upload their work in one of many document or multimedia formats, critique and collaborate using familiar social media tools, celebrate their achievements and growth together. The site will soon include dozens of tutorials that teach students the fine points of creating professional-grade videos.”


Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction Offers Hundreds of Drawings


A free gallery of images hosted by the University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library.


103 Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom


Most apps are free; however some included in this document are for a fee.  The WVDE does not promote any for-charge apps or services.



Calisphere: A World of Primary Sources and More


Lots of California resources that are aligned to their standards, but many available that aren’t specific to them. For example, see the primary resources for Pearl Harbor: http://www.calisphere.universityofcalifornia.edu/browse/keyword/%22pearl+harbor%22


Digital Public Library of America: Library Observatory


The DPLA Library Observatory enables users to scan the collections of the DPLA, learn how those collections relate to each other, and discover items of particular interest.


The Beauty of Books theme set for Windows


This theme can only be used in Windows 8, Windows RT, and in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.


Professional Development

Free Microsoft Office Webinars



Google: Power Searching (self-paced course)


Learn tips and tricks for making your Google searches more effective and efficient via self-paced online videos and activities.


Google: Advanced Power Searching (self-paced course)


Hone your searching skills by solving complex search challenges alongside peers from around the world in this online class.


Grants and Freebies



A nonprofit organization that helps public school teachers in the United States obtain funding for their classroom projects.


Classroom Freebies: Manic Monday


My kind of freebies.  Tons of them and the rules for sharing include that they must be free now and forever!


National Poetry Month Free Poster Request Form (For 2014 posters)



Free Teaching Resources Pinterest Boards


Some Pinterest boards that contain free worksheets and curriculum for teachers, parents and homeschoolers. The boards have been broken down by grade level so that educators can go straight to the boards that contain the lessons, activities and worksheet downloads that will be of most use in their own classrooms.

LM Links: April 2013

posted May 3, 2013, 11:24 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg

National School Library Month 2013 Theme is:   Communities @ Your Library

AASL Community Calendar


Ideas and events occurring nationally during National School Library Month


What are you doing in YOUR library?  Share with us here: http://thinkfinity.org/message/72299#72299

(Note: Please be sure any students in photos shared have had signed releases by parents to take the photo and post online. Thanks!)



Digital Citizenship

NetSmartz eBooks


Geckos wearing cowboy boots?  It may seem a little strange, but Webster's confident it's true. After all, he read it online! And you can trust everything you read online—right?  Webster learns the answer in the newest NetSmartz Kids e-book, Webster's Gecko Goof. Read it with children ages 5-10 to help them learn the importance of triple-checking the information they find online.  Webster's Gecko Goof has animated pictures and "read-to-me" narration for early readers. Parents and educators can also utilize the accompanying discussion guide to start a conversation with children about how to recognize trustworthy websites.


How To Use Pixabay to Find Free Images



Choose What Happens Next - A Series of Video Lessons on Responsible Cyber Citizenship



Language Arts

Inspiring Middle School Literacy


Self-paced online literacy lessons sponsored by WalmartGiving designed to enhance skills of struggling readers.


Students Will Enjoy Creating Fiction Stories With These Story Starters



The Poetry Idea Engine Helps Students Create Poems



Story Creator – Create Your Own Narrated Picture Books on Your iPad [Free iOS app]




Magnifying the Universe - An Interactive Visualization



NOVA Elements for iPad – Build Model Atoms and More [FREE iOS App]



5 Resources to Help Students Understand the Size of the Universe



Ten Good Video Sources for Science Students and Teachers



An Interactive History of NASA Space Suits



Conservation Connection - A Game for Learning About Conservation



Watch Pandas and More on the National Zoo App [Free Microsoft App]



Social Studies

Ten of the best virtual field trips


*Note: Comments or information shared may be for-cost in this article.  The WVDE does not promote any for-cost services. 


Ten Good Video Sources for Social Studies Students and Teachers



Mission Map Quest - Create Your Own Geography Games



Timelines, Mindmaps, and Collaborative Brainstorming



Six Multimedia Timeline Creation Tools for Students



MapStory - Create a Story With Mapped Data




Blubbr - Create Interactive Quizzes Using YouTube Clips


(Note: Unblock appropriate YouTube videos for student use within WebTop! Teachers can login to view YouTube, but not students.  This way students can utilize videos you designate.  https://wvde.state.wv.us/forms/youtube/login.php)


The Teacher’s Guide To Using Video (Free eBook- PDF)


Book link:  http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/files/2013/03/MindShift-Guide-to-Videos.pdf


Questions to Ask When Planning Video Projects



Six Multimedia Timeline Creation Tools for Students



10 Free Typing Practice Activities for Students



Use Shared Google Drive Folders to Distribute Assignments to Students



The Student Guide to iPads – It’s Great for Teachers Too



Five Free iPad Apps for Creating Video Lessons (AKA Flipped Classroom Lessons)



The Five Best Tools for Creating Videos Without Installing Software



Four Good Ways to Use Media In Your Classroom Blog



17 Free Tools for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos



Seven Whiteboard Tools for Teachers & Students



How To Use Pixabay to Find Free Images



Three Free Text to Speech Tools for Schools



Three Tools Students Can Use to Create 3D Models Online



Awesome Android Apps for Students and Teachers





Free bookmark service, which allows you to create your personal gateway to the internet by combining all your favorite links on so-called clouds.   Rather than using text, your links are embedded as logos or pictures of choice. These logos can freely be re-sized and located within your cloud. Besides, users are also free to choose the cloud´s background.  Another important advantage is that using myLinkCloud allows you to access your links from any web-enabled device in the world. Ad-free, free of charge.



Help! My Kid’s Just Not Into Reading!- article and tips for parents



Five ways to get kids to want to read and write



10 of the Coolest Librarians Alive



When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Teacher?


By Melinda Gates


New high school designed for, and by, students



School Librarians and Online Learning



In Common Core, Teachers See Interdisciplinary Opportunities


What better way for Library Media to find their niche in education? J


Bridgeport High grad pens novel due out May 7




Advocacy Documentation


School Library Programs Improve Student Learning

A series of advocacy brochures designed to help school librarians generate and guide discussion with stakeholder groups in the school library community, including administrators, policymakers, parents, and teachers.



School Library Programs Create Lifelong Learners

Developed by AASL’s Independent School Section (ISS), this brochure is a guide to help students and parents evaluate independent school libraries.



Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students


Created by the AASL Legislation Committee, is freely available for download by members of the media and general public provided no alterations are made. Additional resources are also available.


What do TLs Teach (Teacher Librarians)


“What do TLs Teach” graphic By Joyce Valenza Creative Commons license 3.0.


“School libraries provide equal access to the world of print and digital media in a warm, stimulating and safe environment.” -AASL poster quote from 30 Reasons to Celebrate School Libraries


An Indiana study showed that students average better test scores when teachers and librarians collaborate, principals value the librarian and teachers view them as fellow educators.” -AASL poster quote from 30 Reasons to Celebrate School Libraries


“For a lot of kids, classroom and school libraries are about the only way they’re ever exposed to books. Those kids depend on school libraries—and so society depends on school libraries.” –Margaret Peterson Haddix (haddixbooks.com)


“One possible remedy to the socioeconomic gaps in academic achievement is to make sure that children of low-income families have access to high-quality, age-appropriate books—like those found in school libraries.” -AASL poster quote from 30 Reasons to Celebrate School Libraries


“A Colorado study found that the reading scores of students in grades 3-5 are consistently 4-8% higher for schools that have at least one full-time librarian.” -AASL poster quote from 30 Reasons to Celebrate School Libraries


“School librarians offer information literacy and technology instruction that is critical to success in a digital environment, which is particularly important among marginalized students who may not have access to resources and computers in their homes.” -AASL poster quote from 30 Reasons to Celebrate School Libraries


“In California, high schools with good school library programs account for a 19-21% increase in students’ standardized test scores.” -AASL poster quote from 30 Reasons to Celebrate School Libraries


“A great school library becomes the heart of the school and the center of the larger community.  A great school librarian understands that kids can’t succeed without the support of parents, teachers, business partners and 21 century research and writing skills.” –Caroline Kennedy


Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming AASL Webinars


Webinars are open to all attendees. Registrations will be accepted until 6:00 p.m. on the day preceding and a seat in the webinar is guaranteed to the first 100 attendees. As a webinar registrant, you will receive follow up correspondence from AASL.

A series of 20 minute webinars presented by the AASL Advocacy Committee and in conjunction with School Library Month:


Quantity vs. Quality

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 | 7:00 p.m. EST

This webinar will assist school librarians in helping stakeholders understand the difference between internet access and information skills. Presenter: Judi Repman


A Space vs. A LEARNING Space

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | 7:00 p.m. EST

This webinar will help school librarians when making the case to justify their school library program needs.

Presenter: Rebecca Morris


Strong School Library Programs Build Strong Communities

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | 7:00 p.m. EST

This webinar will explore tools AASL offers to demonstrate to stakeholders why a school librarian is essential to empowering the community leaders of tomorrow.  Presenters: Andrea Ange and LeeAnna Mills


Lilead Project Team to Host April 23 Webinar on National Survey Findings

Contact: Alexandra Moses

Phone: 301-405-0335

Email: lileadproject@gmail.com


COLLEGE PARK, Md., April 10, 2013 – The Lilead Project team will hold its first Webinar to discuss preliminary findings from its national study of school district library supervisors. The Webinar will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, from 7 p.m.-8 p.m. via Adobe Connect.


The survey findings offer a revealing glimpse at the job titles, education, major roles and responsibilities, and the challenges faced by the individuals in these positions. This national study, carried out by researchers at the University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies, represents the first of its kind since the late 1960s. It will provide important baseline information for future research in the profession.


The survey population included 290 supervisors in the largest districts, as defined by student populations of more than 25,000, and the largest district in each state not meeting the population criteria. In all, 166 people took the survey over the course of six weeks – a 61 percent response rate. The survey, part of a three-year study funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), was deployed in October and November of 2012. 


“We were delighted by the response to the survey,” said Dr. Ann Carlson Weeks, lead investigator of The Lilead Project. “This is the first step in providing a comprehensive picture of the value of this position in supporting the improvement of building-level library programs and services.”


Information on some of the findings has been released on The Lilead Project’s Web page, http://www.lileadproject.org,  and on the Lilead Network, http://www.lilead.org. The Lilead Network, part of the research study, is a space for district library supervisors to connect with and learn from other school library professionals. All supervisors, regardless of district size, are encouraged to join.


To participate in the Webinar, please register here: http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/zcc12qe4UOeiXe, and you will receive detailed information on how to join the Adobe Connect session.


LM Links: March 2013

posted Mar 18, 2013, 11:18 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg

WV Statewide Technology Conference Call for Proposals


Library Media track will be featured for the first time officially this year at the Statewide Technology Conference!!  Be one of the inaugural presenters in this track by clicking to submit your proposal today!  Deadline is April 30, 2013.

K-12 Education Topics

  • ·         Distance Learning/Blended Delivery
  • ·         Data-Driven Decision Making
  • ·         Personalized Learning
  • ·         Common Core Next Generation Standards
  • ·        Library Media
  • ·         1-to-1 Implementation
  • ·         Technology Supported Learning Assessment
  • ·         Technology Funding


Know a savvy student filmmaker who deserves to win $10,000?


I loved this:  “This is a contest about the good use of the Internet. So, original works only. Don’t use someone else’s music, photos, graphics, etc. without express permission.”

Registration opened February 19. The deadline to submit is April 16, 2013!



How Teachers Are Using Technology at Home and in Their Classrooms


  • ·         92% of these teachers say the internet has a “major impact” on their ability to access content, resources, and materials for their teaching
  • ·         69% say the internet has a “major impact” on their ability to share ideas with other teachers
  • ·         67% say the internet has a “major impact” on their ability to interact with parents and 57% say it has had such an impact on enabling their interaction with students


Teens and Technology 2013


Survey of 802 teens ages 12-17 and their parents which shows that:

  • ·         78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half (47%) of those own smartphones. That translates into 37% of all teens who have smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011.
  • ·         One in four teens (23%) have a tablet computer, a level comparable to the general adult population.
  • ·         Nine in ten (93%) teens have a computer or have access to one at home. Seven in ten (71%) teens with home computer access say the laptop or desktop they use most often is one they share with other family members.

Ten facts about K-12 students’ technology use



Aspiring teachers ill-prepared to use ed tech effectively:  Teacher preparation programs aren’t meeting the expectations of K-12 principals, a new report suggests


For Libraries, the Common Core Presents Extraordinary Opportunity


“This ‘shift in curriculum’…uniquely positions librarians to be ‘content experts’ and to support classroom teachers with materials and instruction. ‘The Common Core State Standards have a stronger focus on nonfiction, primary source documents, research and inquiry than most state’s current standards,’ giving school librarians ‘the opportunity to co-teach and share their expertise with teachers and students alike.’”

From Digital Doubter to Tech Guru


During a speech announcing the Department’s National Education Technology Plan, Secretary Arne Duncan noted that “technology empowers teachers like never before.” Once such teacher is Chicago’s Jennie Magiera. This is her story.

Fairfax County parent wants ‘Beloved’ banned from school system


Being a Digital Native Isn’t Enough


“The split between what Marc Prensky called “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” in his landmark 2001 article has grown wider every year of this century.”  “It is our role as teachers to help students develop the skills to problem solve independently and collaboratively use 21st-century skills while not relying on technology to do all of the thinking for them. Just because these students are digital natives, does not mean that they do not need guidance to navigate the digital world–both in terms of learning how to discern important and relevant information from a large swath of data, and also to be able to inquire and solve problems that take time, thought, and energy.”


Anrig: Tearing Down the Classroom Walls


Promoting effective collaboration in education.


Does Spelling Count?



In Defense of Librarians


Out of the mouths of babes…


Schools shift from textbooks to tablets


Publishers update students' books almost instantly with the latest events or research.


Four keys to success with digital textbooks




How Many Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom?


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology


10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library


“Forward-thinking librarians are actively experimenting with and incorporating these new technologies into their digital strategies. Here are 10 ideas for you to leverage today’s most innovative tools and techniques.”

Disclaimer:  This article references Tech Sets from ALA.  WVDE does not promote or recommend purchase of any items for-cost.


Create Image-based Quizzes with ImageQuiz


ImageQuiz is a new service that allows you to create quizzes based on any images that you own or find online. When people take your quizzes on ImageQuiz they answer your questions by clicking on the part of the picture that answers each question. For example, if you uploaded a picture of a map you could write questions that ask users to click on states, cities, or countries.


Google Translate Now Lets You Build A Personalized Phrasebook


Ideal for Foreign language classes.  Allows you to easily create a personalized phrasebook with the phrases and sentences you want to memorize and/or find yourself translating repeatedly.


Prezi Adds Audio To Presentation Platform And Surpasses 20 Million User Mark


The new audio feature allows users to add sound to the different path points that customers use to build and organize their presentations. The web version of Prezi is free.


101 Great Sites for Social Studies Class

7 things you can always do in my class with your device


IF your county policy allows for devices in the classroom.


Digital Learning Now! releases guide to blended learning



48 Ultra-Cool Summer Sites for Kids and Teachers



5 Free Online Tools to Create Your Own Infographics



Easelly (beta)


Create your own Infographics!


Five Ways to Create Word Clouds


Using word clouds to help students analyze documents. By copying the text of a document into a word cloud generator your students can quickly see the words that appear most frequently in that document. Here are five tools that you and your students can use to create word clouds.


Project Gutenberg Adds Dropbox Support, Perfect for Syncing to All Your Devices


Recently, they made accessing their catalog of 42,000 free ebooks that much easier by adding Dropbox integration. Dropbox is FREE for 2 GB storage. WVDE does not promote any resources that are for-cost.


100+ Google Tricks for Teachers


“From super-effective search tricks to Google tools specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time.”



FREE - Organize, present and share knowledge for student assignments, flipping your classroom, 1:1 environments or for dynamic multimedia presentations.



Professional Development

15 Free Live Webinars for Librarians in March



MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE (MOOC-pronounced mook).  The following MOOCs are being offered by some of the top universities in the world.  These are for people who just want to learn for the sake of learning . . . not for an official credit or grade.  

COURSERA: https://www.coursera.org/courses

UDACITY: https://www.udacity.com/



The Future Will Not be Multiple Choice


“Educator Jaime McGrath and designer Drew Davies explain how to create a “classroom of imagination” by turning lessons into design problems and giving students space to be creative in this Tedx video. In a New York Times op-ed The MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Competition’s co-director Cathy Davidson said she thinks it’s possible that 65 percent of students today will end up doing jobs that haven’t been created yet.”


A Librarian’s Guide to the Elevator Pitch


“Let’s face it, as librarians…we aren’t the best at tooting our own horns. Talking about our work, past accomplishments, experiences, skills, and goals in a succinct manner is something that is not often considered in an organized way. But it should be.

The elevator pitch is one of the most important tools for personal branding that you have and can be an excellent opportunity for you to promote yourself at conferences, events, job interviews, and even online.”



31 Top Apps for Education from FETC 2013


The FETC closeout session was led by Ed Tech pros Gail Lovely, Hall Davidson, and Jenna Linskens, who each presented apps in three different categories of their choosing, including their favorite "wow" apps. Read on for a selection of the most buzzed about apps for Apple devices. For even more app ideas, visit the shootout's Web site and complete app list Google Doc. DISCLAIMER: Some apps recommended by these individuals in the article are for-cost.  WVDE does not promote any for-cost items.


24 iPad apps to support Bloom’s Taxonomy


Apps for:

  • ·         Remembering
  • ·         Understanding
  • ·         Applying
  • ·         Analyzing
  • ·         Evaluating
  • ·         Creating


Awesome Android Apps for Students and Teachers



Oh No Fractions!

Ages 6-up
Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Every elementary-age child needs to know if 5/8 is more or less than 1/2. Here's a great app for the job. It lets you compare two fractions, side by side, and then gives you a set of tools to figure out which is bigger.

Need to know: You can adjust the denominator to any size to adjust the difficulty level.
Ease of use: 10/10
Educational: 9/10
Entertaining: 6/10



Farm 123

Ages 2-6
Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: Transform your iPad into a magical 3D popup book, full of animals that spring to life when touched. The objective -- to introduce early number concepts. When you flip a page, the graphic elements pop up. All in all, this is a good addition to any early childhood app library.

Need to know: There are hundreds of apps that do the same thing -- What makes this one stand out is the way the 3D graphics are synced with your screen movements, giving it a "book on a stage" effect.

Ease of use: 10/10
Educational: 8/10
Entertaining: 8/10


iSolveIt: MathScaled; iSolveIt: MathSquared

MathSquared: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isolveit-mathsquared/id594938855?ls=1&mt=8

MathScaled: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isolveit-mathscaled/id595672156?ls=1&mt=8

Two research-based educational games that teach essential math reasoning and problem-solving skills. Finding patterns or functions, creating models, working with variables, and making predictions are just some of the skills the puzzles help develop. The puzzles are not tied to any particular curriculum or content, so they can be used at different grade levels and ages. Demonstrating universal design for learning (UDL) principles—which call for flexible, learner-friendly approaches—the puzzles can be solved via multiple strategies.

Best for: Any age

Price: Both are free

Requirements: Both are compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.



A behavioral development tool helping teachers reinforce positive behaviors like risk-taking, helping others and honesty

Best for: K-12

Price: Free

Requirements: iOS 5.1 or later

Captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators. Teachers can use this app to give students real-time feedback while in class—it will sync with the main ClassDojo website.

Instantly reinforce good behavior.  Easily award feedback points for behavior in class in real-time, with just one click of your smartphone or laptop. This actually improves behavior.  free, forever, for early-adopter teachers.

LM Links: February 2013

posted Feb 6, 2013, 5:43 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg   [ updated Feb 6, 2013, 5:45 AM ]

 Digital Learning Day February 6, 2013

 Last week, you received an email with some ideas, information and activities for Digital Learning Day.  I will be hosting a Digital Learning Smackdown via Twitter on February 6th and challenge YOU! J

 Anytime during the day on Wednesday, February 6th, you can post one (or more!) Tweets to the hashtag #wvlm_smackdown to share your resources, ideas or tools!  To participate, just post your idea and include (#wvlm_smackdown) in the text.  It will then appear whenever anyone does a search in Twitter for #wvlm_smackdown! Since Twitter limits your characters in your post, you may need to shorten your URL to the site you’re sharing. (tinyurl.com, bit.ly or goo.gl are three free services to shorten your URLs!)  See my sample.

 Don’t have a Twitter account? No problem?  You can also post your ideas to the Thinkfinity WV LMS Community!



Black History Month Resources



Video Pep Talk

Need a mid-winter, doldrums pep talk? This video did it for me! A Pep Talk from Kid President to You:  http://youtu.be/l-gQLqv9f4o

“I want to be the one that leads to awesome…like that dude from Journey says, ‘Don’t stop believing’ in your dreams…What will you create that makes the world awesome?” Pass it on!

 If you don’t have a WebTop login to view YouTube videos as a teacher, get yours by clicking the image here:




Graphic used with permission from Venspired.com


“What an astonishing thing a book is. It’s a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you’re inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.” ~Carl Sagan


Contests and Grants

Announcing the Great American Teach-Off 2012: Nominate a Teacher in Grades 7-12 to Win $10K



Articles to Ponder



The ALA honors five local libraries for offering cutting-edge services



A New Chapter? A Launch Of The Bookless Library



Library Services in the Digital Age


Americans say libraries are important to their families and their communities, but often do not know all the services libraries offer


Michigan Student Is First ‘Wikipedian in Residence’ at a Presidential Library



Middle school boys who are reluctant readers value reading more after using e-readers



Free Webinars from Booklist Online





5 K-12 Technology Trends to Watch in 2013



For the Year Ahead, What's Hot and What's Not in Ed Tech



The 10 Types of Twitterers and How to Tame Their Tweets (Includes Infographic)


Textbooks to Tablets: Preparing for digital education by 2017


Copyright & Piracy: Why Verizon Might Slow Your Internet To A Crawl


The 7 Golden Rules of Using Technology in Schools


Teaching and Learning

Teacher as Learning Designer



A More Resilient Species


“A playful brain is a more adaptive brain,” writes ethologist Sergio Pellis in The Playful Brain: Venturing to the Limits of Neuroscience. In his studies, he found that play-deprived rats fared worse in stressful situations.


Research: Education Could Use More 'Connected Learning'



[Mind Map]  Staying Focused In The Age Of Distraction



What Is The Flipped Classroom Model And Why Is It Amazing? (With Infographic)



6 Expert Tips for Flipping the Classroom


New website unpacks the Common Core standards for educators, parents


Writing Across the K12 Curriculum: Common Core mandates for success


How Blogging Can Improve Student Writing



Five Essential Google Drive Skills



Set an Expiration Date for Shared Folders on Google Drive with a Google Script



TIME For Kids: Flash-card Maker


Do you know the times tables? How about the state capitals? Test yourself with TFK’s flash cards. Or create your own interactive flash cards to study for your next quiz. These tools are free, although other

DISCLAIMER: Additional features are offered to subscribers with login. WVDE does not promote any for-cost sites. However, if you already subscribe, these are available to you.


Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything


Portal page to her technology resource support sites.




Provide great feedback by offering a video of yourself as you grade or use Jing in the classroom to add visuals to any online conversation. Take a quick screenshot or record up to 5-minutes of video and instantly share it over the web, IM, or email.


Jing Tutorial


Tutorials- Get inspired to use digital tools in your classroom. See how these educators are using technology to help them teach and help students learn.


Brain Pop


BrainPOP® creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.  In traditional, blended, and "flipped" learning settings, BrainPOP supports individual, team, and whole-class learning.

Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering & Tech, Health and Arts & Music.


Brain Pop Jr. (K-3)



Manga High


A FREE games-based math teaching resource.


Khan Academy


All of the site's resources are available to anyone. It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. The Khan Academy's materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.


Five Free Programs Educators Shouldn’t Miss


Top Five from Kathy Schrock’s Pre-keynote Technology Smackdown 2013 from FETC.


News in Levels: News for students of English


Includes a test for your level and three levels of reading ability.


Ten Terrific Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools



The Underground Railroad: Escape from Slavery [Interactive]



Vocabulary Catcher – A Series of Free Vocabulary Apps for iPad [Early elementary PK-1; Special Needs]





Lucidchart charges business customers, but makes all of their tools free for teachers and students.


Three Free Tools for Creating Stopmotion and Timelapse Videos



Create Multimedia Booklets With Simple Booklet



iPad Apps 4 School


Large website with user suggestions. DISCLAIMER: May include for-cost apps. WVDE does not promote any for-cost apps.



Wikibrains is a cool brainstorming and creativity app that you can use with students to get their creativity flowing.




The free worldwide travel guide.


Flags of the World Matching Game


FREE geography activity: For late elementary or junior high school students. Match the country name with its flag, and then place the matched cards under the proper continent and hemisphere cards.




Reviews & recommendations of tools for education


TEDEd: Lessons Worth Sharing


Built-in information to Flip your Classroom! http://ed.ted.com/about#flip_video

The "flip this video" button allows you to turn a video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely. You can add context, questions and follow-up suggestions.

Sample: Playing with Language Capturing authentic narratives - Michele Weldon  http://ed.ted.com/lessons/michele-weldon-capturing-authentic-narratives

Journalism/Reading. Learn how to shape a human-centered news story, and the importance of facts, context and heart.

Includes Higher Order Thinking Skills questions and additional resources to explore. (some have lessons included)



Dipping a toe in the Flipped Classroom Waters with Ask3 (see iPad link below)


Ideas how to gradually enter the Flipped Classroom Waters from “toe-dipping” to “all in.” Currently there is only an app for iOS.


Ask3 App (iOS)


Ask3 allows teachers and students with iPads to easily share knowledge and collaborate via threaded, video conversations. By recording your voice, drawings, and images, Ask3 helps you create videos that can be shared directly to your class. Students can watch the videos you create using Ask3 and can quickly ask and answer each other's questions.  Students that use Ask3 have the unique ability to share their knowledge and questions through videos that can be viewed by the entire class. This open forum helps teachers understand what information their students know and don't know, which allows them to more easily fill knowledge gaps for their students.


Nearpod App (iOS)


“Best Collaboration Solution - EdTech Digest Awards 2012”, “Audience Favorite - LAUNCH Edu & Kids 2012”. What's Nearpod?  The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students' iPads, iPhones or iPods. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.  Nearpod is a synchronous solution for the use of iPads, iPods and iPhones in the classroom. How It Works

· Teachers use Nearpod to share content with their students and to manage the flow of the lecture.

· Students use Nearpod on their iOS devices to receive multimedia content and to participate in engaging assessment and collaboration activities.

Nearpod allows teachers to:

1. Create Content: Teachers log in to www.nearpod.com to create multimedia presentations with interactive features such as quizzes, videos, polls, drawing tools, and more. They can also access featured presentations from certified publishers and fellow educators.

2. Engage: In the classroom, teachers log in to the Nearpod iPad app to share content with their students and manage the flow of the lecture. Students use the Nearpod app on their iOS devices to receive curricular content, participate in activities and submit responses.

3. Assess: Teachers can see students’ answers in real time on the Nearpod app. Additionally, teachers can log in to www.nearpod.com to access post-session data and obtain detailed activity reports.

Free account allows up to 200 MB storage space, up to 10 presentations and up to 30 students per session.  DISCLAIMER: The WVDE does not promote any for-cost products.




A simple doodling board, markers, and one-click sharing tools make spreading your ideas and know-how easy and fun!  Just - Record It. Sketch It. Share It. - to create a sharable, replay-able video that tells your story clearly.

1. Touch RECORD to capture your touch interactions and audio instructions on a plain background, or an image from your iPad camera roll.

2. SKETCH out your ideas and talk the viewer through the "how" and "why" of it all.

3. Stop and SHARE your video snack to ScreenChomp.com to generate a simple web link you can paste anywhere.

STUDENTS: Help each other with homework and work together on projects.

TEACHERS: Tutor kids while away from school, or record a few tips to send home with them.

MENTORS: Tutor youngsters from afar, without buying desktop recording software.

KIDS: Share doodles and ideas with friends.


Android Apps

29 Days of Android Apps for Teachers and Students:



Digital Learning Day: Media 21 Edition

posted Feb 6, 2013, 5:39 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg

The second annual Digital Learning Day is on February 6, 2013.

What are YOU doing on Digital Learning Day? http://thinkfinity.org/polls/2076 (Or just get great ideas!)

Alliance for Excellent Education: Digital Learning Day website


There are a lot of great ideas, activities, and toolkits available in the “ways to participate” and the “take action” sections of the Digital Learning Day website.

Digital Learning Day: Resource Roundup


Digital Learning Day Resources:   https://sites.google.com/a/wvde.k12.wv.us/wv-lms/Home/digital-learning-day

You can “like” Digital Learning Day on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/NationalDigitalLearningDay) or follow the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #DLDday.

In honor of this spectacular day, and to applaud the powerful impact digital learning can have on students’ lives, Peter H. Reynolds created this fun downloadable poster.

Digital Town Hall Meeting

You can also join Gov. Bob Wise and the Alliance for Excellent Education for the Digital Town Hall on February 6, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (ET). The Digital Town Hall will focus on how great teaching, combined with effective technology, makes a positive impact on improving America’s schools, particularly those that serve high-risk and high-poverty populations. It will profile teachers, students, schools, and districts that are implementing digital learning in innovative and successful ways.  SIGN UP NOW TO WATCH THE LIVE SIMULCAST OF THE DIGITAL TOWN HALL AT:  http://digitallearningday.eventbrite.com/  As a registered participant of Digital Learning Day, teachers receive tips and interactive lessons that offer great opportunities to collaborate, celebrate and participate in this important campaign to highlight the potential of digital learning.


LM Links: January

posted Jan 4, 2013, 8:34 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg

Blogs and Articles

School Librarians: It’s Not Just About Checking Out Books


Blog describing highlights resulting from a two page document written by the author describing what library media specialists do with insight into moving into the 21st Century Learning Commons model created by David Loertscher and Carol Koechlin.


Common Core State Standards and Library of Congress Primary Sources


This is a guest post by Meg Steele, who works with K-12 teachers at the Library of Congress, and Mary J. Johnson, an educational consultant to the Library of Congress. Teachers in nearly every state are implementing the Common Core State Standards, mapping existing curriculum to the standards, and creating, revising or tweaking classroom strategies.


7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-leading Principals:



New Year Activities

Customs Near and Far


Type: idea

Skill: traditions

Take students on a worldwide New Year’s tour with this flap-booklet project! First discuss with students how this holiday is celebrated in other countries. If desired, have students research additional information. To make a booklet, a student folds in half a 12” x 18” sheet of drawing paper. Then he makes two equally spaced cuts through the top layer. On each of the first two flaps, he writes the name of a different country. On the third flap the youngster writes “United States.” He illustrates each flap to show some of the corresponding country’s New Year’s traditions. Then he writes about them under the flap. Encourage your young travelers to share their completed world-class booklets with their families.

Bahamas: A parade called the Junkanoo is held on December 26 and 31. Thousands of people dress in colorful costumes for the parade.

Greece: Saint Basil’s cake is a special New Year’s dessert that has a coin baked in it. It is believed that the person who gets the coin will have good luck.

India: Some people have four New Year’s celebrations each year. One of the celebrations, Diwali, is also known as the Festival of Lights. During Diwali, each family burns small lamps to honor the goddess of good luck.

Israel: Rosh Hashanah is celebrated in the summer or autumn. A special horn called a shofar is blown during a religious service. It reminds people to help one another.

Japan: Some people believe that every person has 108 troubles. To get rid of the troubles, bells ring 108 times on New Year’s Eve.

Spain: Each person pops a grape into his mouth every time the clock strikes at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Each grape represents a month of good luck.


Resolution Grab Bags


Type: idea

Skill: making resolutions

Explain to youngsters that one common New Year's tradition is to make resolutions, or decisions to break bad habits or to start good ones. Then have each student prepare a resolution grab bag by personalizing and decorating a small paper bag. Next ask each youngster to write and illustrate a different resolution on each of 12 small pieces of paper. Instruct him to roll up each paper, secure it with a length of ribbon or yarn, and put it in his bag. Then have him place the bag in an easily accessible classroom location. On the first school day of each month, have each student take one resolution from his bag and invite him to share it with the class. If desired, have each student tape his resolution to his desk for a handy reminder. At the end of the school year, encourage each youngster to take his bag home and work toward any remaining resolutions.


Professional Networking

Twitter chats to watch…

If you search for the #libchat (example), that will show all tweets made in the past, but to take part in the live action chat, some meet up online at a certain time. Clicking each link will take you to the search results for each hash tag.

See each entry below.  Excerpted from http://oedb.org/library/beginning-online-learning/20-essential-twitter-chats-for-the-library-crowd



Librarians, library students, booksellers, and book lovers alike participate in this library chat on Twitter. Favorite topics on #libchat include digital rights management, advocacy, budget negotiations, and the MLS job market.


Find out what the kids are into these days through the #yalit chat on Twitter, held at 9 p.m. EST Wednesdays.


Teacher-librarians can check in and find great resources through the #tlchat, an always-on gathering for reading educators.


Join in this chat to become a part of a fast and friendly discussion among book lovers on Twitter. This frequent chat happens Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 p.m. EST.


On #titletalk, librarians can chat about titles and how to promote reading among students. This chat is held at 8 p.m. EST on the last Sunday of the month.


Librarians who are interested in the latest developments in ebooks will enjoy this popular Twitter chat. Check in on #ePubChat Fridays at 3 p.m. PST to get in on the discussion.


Librarians, check in with this network of English teachers to share ideas and inspiration for reading. Join in each Monday at 7 p.m. EST.


Celebrate reading on Twitter with other librarians, authors, readers, and more on Friday afternoons at 4 p.m. EST.


Picture books aren't always a hot topic, but this picture book chat offers a lively discussion for librarians and more. Check it out on Monday evenings at 9 p.m. CST.


Librarians who are into #pblitchat will also enjoy #kidlitchat, a gathering for librarians and other parties interested in books for children. Visit this chat on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. CST.


Librarians who like to make the most of iPads will love this chat about writers who are creating storybook apps on the iPad. Visit this chat on Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. EST.



Teaching Resources

Wonk Tools


Keywords allow you writing assistance in their: Writer’s Block Tool (spark ideas!), Topic and Title generator, Vocabulary tool and Info Page.


[POSTER]  7 Easy Icebreakers You Can Do With Post-It Notes



[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Use Google Search More Effectively



LM Links: December

posted Jan 4, 2013, 8:33 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg

Common Core Resources

ASCD Common Core State Standards



FREE Common Core Newsletter



Mathster Vakkas


FREE-Award winning common core elementary school math lessons. Engages with video clips (200+) and award-winning math strategies.


Teaching Resources


I Love That Teaching Idea [website]



Blended Learning: Passing Fad or True Innovation?



Skype in the Classroom


A free and easy way for teachers to open up their classroom.


Text 2 Mindmap





You can make your own. This links to an example…




Learn about any topic by exploring connections between concepts/facts on an interactive concept map, which you can customize and share!


Upcoming Events

Start planning early!

Get Ready for Teen Tech Week™!

·         When: March 10 – 16, 2013

·         What: the theme is: Check In @ your library

·         How: Registration for the YALSA Ning is open at www.ala.org/teentechweek


April 11, Celebrate Teen Literature Day


Professional Development

There’s still time!! Upcoming eLearning for Educators Course Schedule: http://wvde.state.wv.us/elearning/schedule.php

Registration for Winter 2012 eLearning for Educator courses opens on December 1, 2012 and closes on January 4, 2013. Courses will begin on January 9 and end on February 26. Applications for new accounts must be made before 4:00 PM on December 21, 2012.  Courses are FREE! College credit is available for a fee which varies based on the institution.  More information on college credit:  http://wvlearns.k12.wv.us/  For additional information contact Donna Landin (dlandin@access.k12.wv.us)


Teacher Training Videos 


A must-bookmark website. These videos are ideal supplements for classroom instruction.



LM Links: November

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You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving


Interactive exploration of the facts and myths associated with the story of the First Thanksgiving.

Surf Net Kids




Professional Development & Personal Learning Networks

Blooms’ Digital Taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension


Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy for the 21st Century





Preparing students for success without tests and textbooks



What Is a MOOC?



[FREE] Webinar: A tour of Office.com (Every Tuesday!)


Every Tuesday.  Free webinars about how to use Office programs. You can watch the Office 15-Minute Webinars live, or view them later. They run 12:15 pm-12:30 pm EST on Tuesdays with a live Q&A session to follow. They will add links to previous recordings as they become available. You can also download a calendar reminder for the series.

[FREE] PowerPoint 2010 Tips and Tricks Course

This course includes: One self-paced lesson; A Quick Reference Card you can print at the end of the course.

After completing this course you will be able to:

·         Open PowerPoint fast by using a keyboard shortcut.

·         Use a template from Office.com.

·         Make a slide from a single bullet.

·         Crop a picture to a shape.

·         Zoom with your mouse.

·         Reuse a slide from another presentation.

·         Use Slide Sorter view.

·         Insert a screenshot.

·         Insert a screen clipping.

·         Show or hide the ribbon.

·         Use the Quick Access Toolbar.


Web 2.0, Mobile Devices & Apps

Free Resources: Edutopia's Guide to Help Educators Bring Mobile Devices into the Classroom


Specifically, expert contributors to the guide suggest that educators use tools appropriate for different age groups including:

Elementary: Nearpod, iNigma, Puppet Pals HD, Martha Speaks Dog Party, Motion Math

Middle School: Dropbox, BrainPOP, Poll Everywhere, Word Joust, Frog Dissection, textPlus

High School: Evernote, Twitter, Socrative, The Chemical Touch, Shakespeare Pro


The Digital Backpack:  Nine Must-have Free iPad Apps


All grades.


20+ Fun Free Apps that Promote Student Centered Learning & Literacy



Google Docs and Evernote



20 Web 2.0 Sites Not Requiring Student Email


“A huge factor for schools in dealing with students and working online is CIPA/COPPA compliance. This is to ensure student safety as well as monitor and filter their online behavior. As Web 2.0 becomes more popular and educational technology online sites replace desktop software, this has become more of an issue. A lot of subscription-based or ed tech sites require a student email address to create an account which can become a BIG issue when dealing with CIPA compliance, because a majority of students to not have a school email account. Here are 20 Web 2.0 sites that do not require a student email address to create an account.”


18 Essential Questions for Your School's [Device] Plan


This was written for the iPad, but could be utilized for any implementation of devices in the school/classroom.


Mobile Learning: 50+ Resources & Tips



40 Sites for Educational Games



Apple Will Now Let Any Teacher Publish Content to iTunes U





Drag and drop map content (photos, video, Google Maps, etc.). Collaborate and create. Show your idea.


Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship



**Need a login to view YouTube on the K-12 network? Click here to apply for a WebTop account! àhttps://wvde.state.wv.us/x/wt-agree (No, your school doesn’t have to have WebTop—not all teachers or students must have one for you to get one.)


Bringing Your Textbook to Life! 15+ Tips & Resources


“Your textbook is just another tool in your teacher's kit of ways to engage learners. The problem is that for many of us it becomes a crutch when we first begin our planning. It is a framework and guide that provides us a general overview of what should be covered within our classes. However, for our learners the textbook is often boring and tedious. Here are some tips and resources that will have your learners engage with their textbooks. These tips…show you how to bring this tool to life for more hands-on, student-centered learning in the forthcoming school year!”




Create lesson plans using news articles.  Create reading lists & recommend books.  Add your favorite websites.

Create an online class calendar

Engage students with social learning

3 easy steps to create your classpage


Google Forms: how to create a quiz or a test that automatically grades itself in Google Docs


You can create formulas that allow you to have these forms graded in minutes.


Celebrating Language


Celebrating the diversity of languages and cultures.


Myths and Legends


This site is for pupils, teachers and all those who enjoy stories and storytelling.


Learning with Images: 20+ Tips & Resources


Acquiring new knowledge is difficult for most learners because they go about it the wrong way. Many of our learners will try to memorize difficult concepts from textbooks. However, our brain isn’t geared to learn this way. Instead, our learners can acquire more in chunks by visualizing difficult concepts. This article contains resources that will help learners visualize their learning, lesson ideas, and more.


108 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom



Understanding Science


Lesson plans for students from kindergarten to post-high school.




Video lessons on a  platform developed by the inventors of the Flip Camera. 


Make Your Own PBS Cyberchase SMART Board Game Show


If you would like to make your own game for your SMART Board, check out the PBS Kids Lucky Star Game Show template. The template contains 150 questions that can be used to create games. One of the activities that you can develop using the template is a "game show" featuring your students' favorite Cyberchase characters.


Grants & Contests

Pets in the Classroom


Goal is to establish healthy child-pet relationships at an early age by supporting responsible pet care in elementary and middle school classrooms across the country.  The Pet Care Trust is sponsoring this program to help teachers support pets in the classroom through direct, no-hassle educational grants. You can obtain a grant for the purchase of new pets, pet environments or pet food and supplies for existing classroom pets.



The History of the English Language



Comparing Hurricane Disasters: Sandy vs. Katrina



60th Anniversary of the Bar Code



RE: LM Links: October edition

posted Jan 4, 2013, 8:32 AM by Julia Benincosa Legg

The Return of the Exquisite Corpse!

10/05/2012 10:29 AM EDT

Just in time for the Halloween season, the Library of Congress is re-releasing its popular online serial adventure story, "The Exquisite Corpse Adventure" a rollicking family online book and audio podcast series, with a new episode released every Friday through the end of March 2013.


Teen Read Week

On October 17, 2012, help YALSA celebrate Teen Read Week™ by joining the conversation about teen reading and young adult literature! 

YALSA is encouraging people of all ages to Tweet their YA lit reading recommendations, thoughts and ideas on YA lit and more via the hashtag #TRW12 any time on Oct. 17. 

To get all of the details, please visit: http://yalsa.ala.org/blog/2012/10/08/join-the-conversation-about-teen-reading/

To learn more about Teen Read Week visit www.ala.org/teenread.  



Free Professional Development eBooks

Making Videos on the Web: A Guide for Teachers


How you and your students can create videos without purchasing any software or video equipment.


The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators


A comprehensive introduction to using technology in all K-12 classrooms.


8 Ideas, 10 Guides, And 17 Tools For A Better Professional Learning Network




Your Favorites: 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels


Poll results from NPR.


Great Common Core Nonfiction


Kathleen Odean's recommendations of YA books for grades 6 and up



Video and More

The 20 most-watched TED Talks to date



6 Great Platforms Where Students Share Book Reviews and Reading Recommendations


Be sure to check each site’s Terms of Use to ensure they are COPPA compliant and do not require you to collect permission for use from parents.

More information on COPPAàHow to Protect Kids' Privacy Online: A Guide for Teachers:  http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/tech/tec10.shtm


Kathy Shrock’s new blog: Kathy’s Katch



Elementary Library Routines


Library Curriculum: Lesson plans and other great resources. Grades PK-8.


Be Funky [Photo Editor]


Free, no registration required photo editor, effects and more. Includes iOS and Android device apps.


FreeSpeech for iPad


Share with your speech/special ed teachers!  FreeSpeech is a communication tool based upon research in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and human-computer interaction, as well clinical insight and expertise in speech and communication disorders.


Free WizIQ Membership for K-12 and College Educators


Good for one year.  Create blended delivery courses.


Class Dojo


Free online classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.




A self-paced and personalized practice site for math and reading skills. (K-5)




Create a poster from your images and it saves to print as a multipage document to piece together as a poster.


Tools for Teachers & Students


Free MS Excel templates for teachers and students.

Teachers: Grade book, lesson plan template, academic year calendar, Class attendance forms, behavior reward chart, school calendar collection.

Students: GPA Calculator, Weekly Class schedule, Printed Periodic table, Printable graph paper, Isometric graph paper.


Make your own QR Code Scavenger Hunt!





The fast, easy, free way to create crossword puzzles in minutes.



EdTech Cheat Sheet: Understanding New Trends in Educational Technology



Infographic about impact of the online community



The Google Yourself Challenge


Activity to teach Online Safety and Civics, but should also be done regularly, yourself!


FREE YouMedia Network Toolkit


Resources to help you plan, build, and sustain your digital learning lab.  The YOUmedia Network is a group of libraries, museums and community-based organizations that invite young people to create, learn and build skills with traditional and digital tools at new digital learning labs.  The toolkit includes resources to help organizers plan, build and sustain a digital learning lab in a school, library or museum space. The toolkit is organized into sections like: Getting Started, Physical Space, Online Space, Programs, Staffing, Research, Operations, and Documentation and Evaluation.



Maker Spaces in Libraries?


Maker spaces —workshop areas that encourage tinkering and creating—and other interactive community spaces have been popping up in unexpected places.

One of the newest homes for these collaborative environments has been in public libraries. Many of these spaces expose young learners to STEM skills, and help kids make the connection between what they learn in classrooms and real-world applications.


Crowdsourcing: Fifty (or so) ways to leave your paper


Joyce Valenza’s Fifty (or so) Ways to Leave Your . . . Term Paper or Book Report and Tell Your Story


FREE Professional Development Opportunities

Laura Candler’s Teaching Resources


All webinars are open to the public and free, but you'll need to register for them at in advance to receive the login URL and information about the session.


FREE: iPad Day of Learning from SimpleK12

Enjoy an entire day of back-to-back presentations all focusing on free Apps, practical teaching advice, and innovative ideas that make the iPad a useful classroom tool.


Setting Up and Managing iOS Devices

Getting Your iBook Published in iTunes

Digital Storytelling in the iPad Classroom

Amazing Organizational and Timesaving Apps for the Connected Teacher

iTunes U: Free Information and Classes Right at Your Fingertips!

How To Get The Most From the Teacher Learning Community

15 iPad Tips for Teachers

Designing iPad Lessons - Focus on the Objective, Not the App!


Awesome Stories


Check out Awesome Stories for non-fiction reading passages, lessons, videos, and audio clips....This educational, curriculum-support teaching/learning tool is also designed to support state and national standards. Each story on the site links to online primary-source materials which are positioned in context to enhance reading comprehension, understanding and enjoyment.


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