WV Even Start

Monitoring Title I, Part B, Subpart 3: William F. Goodling Even Start Family Literacy Programs (Even Start)
Monitoring Indicators Applicable to WV SEA Desk Review 


Standards, Assessments, and Accountability


1.1: The SEA complies with the subgrant award requirements.

1.2: The SEA requires applicants to submit applications for subgrants with the necessary documentation.


1.3: In making non-competitive continuation awards, the SEA reviews the progress of each subgrantee in meeting the objectives of the program and evaluates the program based on the indicators of program quality, and refuses to award subgrant funds to an eligible entity if the agency finds that the entity has not sufficiently improved the performance of the program. 

1.4: The SEA develops indicators of program quality for Even Start programs, and uses the Indicators to monitor, evaluate, and improve projects within the State.

1.5: The SEA ensures that projects provide for an independent local evaluation of the program that is used for program improvement.

1.6: The SEA reports to ED in a timely manner using the required performance measures and ensures that local projects are assessing the progress of their participants using those measures.

1.7: The SEA ensures compliance with all Even Start program requirements.


Program Support 

2.1: The SEA uses funds to provide technical assistance to local projects to improve the quality of Even Start family literacy services and comply with State indicators of program quality.

2.4: The SEA ensures that all families receiving services participate in all four core instructional services. §1235 and §9101 of the statute

2.5: The local programs shall use high-quality instructional programs based on scientifically based reading research for children and adults.



3.1: The SEA complies with the allocation requirements for State administration and technical assistance, and award of subgrants.

3.2: The SEA ensures that subgrantees comply with statutory and regulatory requirements on uses of funds and matching.

3.3: The SEA complies with the crosscutting maintenance of effort provisions.


3.4: The SEA ensures that grantees comply with requirements with regard to services to eligible private school children, their teachers and their families. 


WV Even Start Google Site for resources, communication and continued dialogue - https://sites.google.com/a/wvde.k12.wv.us/west-virginia-even-start/Home

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