June 12, 2009 - Annual State Even Start Coordinators' Meeting

2009 Annual Meeting
Marshall University Graduate College
Charleston, WV

Minutes from the Meeting:
Attendees - Clayton Burch, Judy Azulay, Sherry Croasmun, Jill Rake, Jolea Martin, Laura Fry and Robyn Heimbuch


WV Even Start Google Site

Sherry Croasmun, Technical Assistance Monitor assisted each program in adding pictures and narrative program descriptions to their individual pages. 

Clayton Burch, WV Even Start Coordinator, will make the following changes to the site:  separate Resources sections into Parents/Teachers/Program Resources, add link for CELL, and add a calendar to the front page.

The following recommendations were made for individual program pages:    

Please have your site updated and clear by July 20, 2009.

Periodically update the narrative descriptions to include program highlights and successes.

Post work samples to site. 

Allow parents to submit writings for sites.

If you experience difficulty adding pictures of documents, please email them to Sherry or Clayton.


2009-2010 Strategic Planning

Technical Assistance Monitoring

It was the consensus of the group to have one technical assistance monitoring visit in the fall (before Thanksgiving Break) and to utilize the technology available to us (Google site, email, phone conferences, etc…) to facilitate further monitoring.  All coordinators shared that they find the statewide meetings beneficial and agreed to at least two such meetings next year.  The dates for those meetings will be December 3-4, 2009 and June 11, 2010.


Judy Azulay, Even Start Evaluator, met with each coordinator to review the 2008-2009 Strategic Plans and discuss recommendations for the 2009-2010 plans.  It was agreed to have a statewide implementation of more nonfiction literacy.  Due to the difficulties in ordering the National Geographic resources, the group took the suggestion of Jolea Martin to use a variety of periodicals (Ranger Rick, Highlights, Cricket, Family Fun, etc…).   Many suggestions were made regarding using magazine subscriptions as attendance incentives.

All coordinators agreed that the West Virginia Even Start Performance Indicators need to be updated.  Clayton, Judy, and Sherry will work to determine a way to streamline the Indicators with local Strategic Plans.


Program Reviews

The following program reviews are scheduled:

          July 2009             Federal Review

          January 2010       CSPR Report


Documentation Requirements

Judy Azulay, West Virginia Even Start Evaluator, reviewed the documentation needed to complete the 2008-2009 evaluations.


2009-2010 Overview

Professional Development

County coordinators have been conservative in their expenditures for Professional Development in recent years due to the uncertain future of Even Start.  Now that Even Start is funded though 2011, it is important for Even Start staff to stay current in research-based family literacy practices. 

Possible resources for Professional Development were discussed:  National Center for Family Literacy, National Association for the Education of Young Children, West Virginia Celebrating Connections, and the Ohio Department of Education Early Childhood Conference.

Coordinators are asked to review their budgets to determine if they need to write supplemental grants to fund Professional Development.

Future Meeting Dates

December 3-4, 2010 Charleston, WV

June 11, 2010          Charleston, WV

Clayton Burch,
Jun 22, 2009, 9:44 AM
Clayton Burch,
Jun 22, 2009, 9:45 AM