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The WVDE Webtop initiative provides WV educators with 21st century tools.  It combines third party tools such as the Google Apps suite, as well and WVDE developed web applications.  Any teacher is invited to sign up and create a webtop and instantly gain access to all of the tools.  You can watch the presentation "Webtop Overview", make sure you see the Speaker Notes.

Webtop Online Tools

WVDE Google Apps
  • Google Calendar - Track events, coordinate schedules, share everything online.
  • Google Sites - Create and manage with others online content.
  • Google Docs - Online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tool.
Personal Webtop Space - save files and access them from anywhere.  Create online backups of your documents.

Webtop Communities - Online social networking.  Maintain a personal blog, or a community blog.  Share pictures, create relationships with other teachers around the state.  Use it as a teaching tool.  Create a community for your class.

Epearl - Student Eportfolios
Epearl was developed by Concordia University and it is a free, bilingual, web-based electronic portfolio software. Based on sound research evidence, coupled with feedback from the field, ePEARL has been designed to encourage self-regulation in learners within student-centred curricula.  More Info

Manhattan Virtual Classroom
Manhattan is a web based learning platform that helps you to manage blended face-to-face and electronic classroom.  It has 17 different modules to help you migrate part of your class into the electronic realm.  Some of these are Assignments, Handouts and Notices, Class Discussions, Team Discussions, Podcasts, and more.  Teacher Manual

Webtop Dropbox
The webtop dropbox is an attachment personal attachment area.  Each user can upload their files to their dropbox and easily share those files with anyone via email, google sites, or any other online tool.