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Project REACT

Project REACT (Resolve to Educate Aspiring chemistry Teachers with 21st Century Tools)

Project REACT is a partnership between RESA II, RESA III, Marshall University, Marshall Graduate School of Education and Professional Development, the June Harless Center for Rural Educational Research and Development, and the Marathon Petroleum Company.  Project REACT was designed after the United States Department of Education Math Science Partnerships.  In addition to providing course work, Project REACT also creates professional learning communities to support teachers in this endeavor.

Due to changes in West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2510, freshman entering high school the fall of 2010 will be required to take Chemistry I or Conceptual Chemistry for high school graduation.  This graduation requirement will create a need for additional teachers who are certified to teach Chemistry I.  Project REACT is a possible solution to the number of chemistry teachers that will be needed to meet this requirement.  Project REACT is designed to provide a pathway for teachers who are currently certified in middle school science or another discipline of science to obtain certification in Chemistry I in West Virginia.

Currently, there are 23 teachers participating in this opportunity.  The West Virginia Department of Education is partnering with RESA II, RESA III and the teachers’ county school system of employment to provide this opportunity. 

Project REACT is funded with recovered Title II funds from the West Virginia Department of Education, available funds from the local counties, and varied support from RESA II and RESA III.  A total of approximately $7,000 per year per participant is being provided to support teachers as they pursue Chemistry I certification. 

The second component of Project REACT will begin in the fall of 2008.  A second cohort of teachers who desire middle school science certification will begin this process.  Teachers will complete course work with the support of professional learning communities to complete the necessary requirements for certification in middle school science.
Partnership Contact Information
Dr. Dee Cockrille
RESA II, Executive Director

Linda Andresen
RESA III, Administrative Assistant (K-12 Services and Staff Development)

Kelly Watts, NBCT
RESA II, Program Development Director