Sardine Club

The Sardine Club was started by four fourth grade girls at Warm Springs Intermediate School with the help of Clinical Social Worker Gary McDaniel and the financial sponsorship of Bill Lands and The Morgan County Forum for Arts Sciences and Technology.  Since its launch a few months ago the sardine club has grown to include 40 fourth grade students who eat sardines together one time a week and discuss the health benefits of sardines and other foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Sound Clinical Research has demonstrated clear health benefits from consuming more Omega 3 rich foods and fewer Omega 6 rich foods. These include protective and developmental benefits for the developing brains of young people, leading to fewer disruptive behaviors, a lower risk of depression and suicide, and protection from traumatic brain injury. Heart health benefits and protection from other inflammatory disease are also important, increasingly so as students age into adulthood.

The growing body of research on the role of Omega 3 fats in reducing disruptive and violent behavior raises the question: Will balancing tissue levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids lead to a decrease in bullying behavior? This is an important question for further research, but for now we’re just having fun eating sardines together.

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