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The Science, Arts, and Social Studies (SASS) Institute Science GOALS, much like the Cross Cutting Concepts of the NGSS, pervade the science stands; they transcend programmatic and disciplinary boundaries and prove fruitful in explanation, in theory, in observations, and in design.

 1. Experiential learning of NGSS will be modeled with teachers in the roles of the students while doing the activities/investigations. Intermittently, teachers will be put in the roles of the teachers as the pedagogy of the activities is analyzed.   Pedagogy strategies will include ideas and rationales as simple as the grouping of students for learning, to teacher and student discourse (guided discovery), chronological order of the activities, pre and post activities, selection of materials, etc. 

2. NG Literacy strategies (speaking and listening, reading, and writing) will be incorporated during the lessons, and teachers will be guided to consider how they would address them when returning to their classrooms?   Text complexity, informational text, and text dependent questions will be included. (Modeling- literacy)

3. NGSS Science and Engineering Practices are addressed as natural parts of the lessons. (Modeling- S & E Practices)

4. Across the Curriculum Instruction (AtCI) - integration of science, social studies, the arts, literacy, and possibly math concepts. (Modeling- Science does not exist in a vacuum.)

5. Institutions will showcase their resources (personnel, professional development opportunities, and equipment) which are available to WV educators as they provide teachers with content and pedagogy and to detail students/families opportunities as well. (Modeling- making connections to the real world.)

6. Lab Safety will be specifically instructed, modeled, and incorporated into the conversations of all science experiences/labs.

Robin Anglin-

Science Coordinator for the WVDE Office of Instruction, 

Mary Sue Burns-
Science Teacher, Pocahontas County High School

Kelly Buckner-  

Science Teacher, Sissonville Middle School, Kanawha County



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