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 Our Mission: "Student success is our goal. Individual success is our promise."
The mission of Barbour County Schools is to provide educational excellence with commitment to learning for all in preparation for the challenges of the 21st century.


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Teachers' Email Addresses.  Messages may also be left with the secretary for a teacher to return a call. These emails are checked daily by the teachers. You may also send messages through LiveGrades.

Teacher                                         Email Address                                           
Stephanie Burge           sburge@k12.wv.us               
Carla Knotts                   cfknotts@k12.wv.us                
Jason Stutler                  jstutler@k12.wv.us                    
Judy Freeman                jafreema@k12.wv.us                 WEBSITE     
Jen Francis                    jfrancis@k12.wv.us             
Kim Jennings                 kjenning@k12.wv.us                
Leo Roe                          lroe@k12.wv.us                       
Marcus Johnson            mkjohnso@k12.wv.us               
Matt Bright                      mlbright@k12.wv.us                 
 Pete Ferguson                jpfergus@k12.wv.us             
Teresa Williamson         twilliamson@k12.wv.us 
Sp. Ed.                                      @k12.wv.us  
Jonna Jones                   jjpotoczny@k12.wv.us
Amanda Casto                aharsh@k12.wv.us
Tammy Jack                  tcorder@k12.wv.us
Eddie Poling                   elpoling@k12.wv.us 
Connie Devores              cdevores@k12.wv.us
Julie Scott                        Julia.Scott@k12.wv.us
Samantha Butler             Samantha.butler@k12.wv.us
PE                                       @k12.wv.us
Nathan Linger                 nflinger@k12.wv.us
Cross Country - Angel Stull. astull@k12.wv.us
Volleyball - Samantha Rexrode. samantharae160@gmail.com
Cheerleading - Carla Knotts. cfknotts@k12.wv.us
Boys' Basketball - Toby Poling.  toby.poling@k12.wv.us
Girls' Basketball - Glen Auvil.  gauvil@k12.wv.us

 The Student and Parent Handbook is attached below as a .pdf file. A free reader is available from Adobe.