Welcome to Philippi Middle School

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 Our Mission: "A commitment to learning for all through Pride, Motivation and Success!"
The mission of Barbour County Schools is to provide educational excellence with commitment to learning for all in preparation for the challenges of the 21st century.

Email Addresses for staff members are below.  Messages may also be left with the secretary for a teacher to return a call. These emails are checked daily by the teachers. You may also send messages through LiveGrades.

Staff Members                                                             Email Address                                           
Glen Auvil, Title I                                          gauvil@k12.wv.us
Dyanna Auvil, Special Ed.                           dyanna.auvil@k12.wv.us
Matthew Bright, Spanish                             mlbright@k12.wv.us                
Kimberly Burnett, Academic Coach           klburnett@k12.wv.us               
Samantha Butler, Language Arts               samantha.butler@k12.wv.us
Jessica Crites, Special Ed.                         jessica.l.crites@k12.wv.us
Rick Daugherty, Assistant Principal          rndaughe@k12.wv.us
Anna Davis, Special Ed.                              andavis@k12.wv.us
Travis Delauder, Custodian
Connie Devores, 5th Grade Media              cdevores@k12.wv.us
Shannon De Witt                                          shannon.dewitt@k12.wv.us
Suetta Durst, Cook
Pete Ferguson, Math                                   jpfergus@k12.wv.us
Danielle Gray, 5th Grade PE                       danielle.gray@k12.wv.us
Chris Grecek, 5th Grade                             chris.grecek@k12.wv.us
Rosa Grose, Secretary                                rgrose@k12.wv.us
Jason Stutler, Special Ed.                           jstutler@k12.wv.us                    
Jordan Haines, Math                                    jordan.danko@k12.wv.us
Lisa Heinbaugh, Principal                           lheinbaugh@k12.wv.us
Stephanie Henthorne, Special Ed.             stephanie.henthorne@k12.wv.us
Tammy Jack, Title I                                      tcorder@k12.wv.us
Kim Jennings, Social Studies                     kjenning@k12.wv.us                
Jonna Jones, 5th Grade                              jjpotoczny@k12.wv.us
Carla Knotts, Special Ed.                            cfknotts@k12.wv.us
Nathan Linger, Special Ed.                         nflinger@k12.wv.us
Angela McDaniel, Science                          ammcdani@k12.wv.us
Jessica Moreno, Language Arts                jessica.boot@k12.wv.us  
Hatti Phillips, 5th Grade                              hatti.phillips@k12.wv.us
Edward Poling, Music                                 elpoling@k12.wv.us
Leo Roe, Art                                                 lroe@k12.wv.us                       
Tyler Rogers, Wellness                               tyler.rogers@k12.wv.us
Andrea Schoonover, Social Studies         acschoonover@k12.wv.us 
Julie Scott, Language Arts                        julia.scott@k12.wv.us
Kimberly Swick, Cook
David Williams, Custodian
Tammy White, Wellness                             tammy.white@k12.wv.us
Teresa Williamson, Counselor                  twilliamson@k12.wv.us
Tami Wilt, Science                                      tjwilt@k12.wv.us             

Cross Country - Angel Stull astull@k12.wv.us  Angela McDaniel ammcdani@k12.wv.us
Volleyball - Amanda McDaniel
Cheer leading - Liz Poling Carla Knotts cfknotts@k12.wv.us
Boys' Basketball - Toby Poling  toby.poling@k12.wv.us  Kurt Humphrey
Girls' Basketball - Amanda McDaniel Jessica Moreno jessica.boot@k12.wv.us

 The Student and Parent Handbook is attached below.

Congratulations to Mrs. Angela McDaniel Philippi Middle School Teacher of the Year 2017-18 and Barbour County Schools Teacher of the Year.  Read more about this fantastic teacher by following the link in the "Teacher Spotlight" below.