You Tube Videos

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Teachers can have a YouTube video unblocked to use in their classrooms.

 Go to WV Webtop

  1. Log in or Join by clicking on Get a Webtop    (The link to join is at the bottom of the terms/agreement page).
  2. Click on the Teacher Tools folder.
  3. Click on YouTube Request.
  4. Fill out the request form information.
  5. Mark Moore will unblock that particular video and the video will remain unblocked.  Once you submit the needed information, it shouldn't take more that 24 hours before the video is unblocked.  So plan ahead.

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Want to see what has already been unblocked?

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on a subject from the drop down box.
  3. Leave the "submitted in" drop down box as "21 Century (ever)" to see all submitting for that subject area.
  4. Click go.
  5. In the mean time discover 47 Alternatives to using YouTube in your classroom.


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 Want to use just part of a YouTube video without all the other things on the YouTube page?  Use Tube Chop