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Acuity, a dynamic online program, is provided by WVDE at no charge to schools.  It can be utilized for the following:
  • To provide benchmarking to help prepare your students for the WESTEST, and
  • To Provide excellent instructional resources
    • that students can complete independently or
    • that the teacher can utilize to teach/review a concept in the classroom.
  • For those of you just getting started with Acuity,  the information found on  instruction sheets page may benefit you. 
  • Acuity has short, pre-made assessments available in Acuity for RLA grades 3-8 and Math grades 3-8, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.  Click here to learn more.
NCS Acuity Benchmark Windows for year long classes 
 Benchmark 1
 Sept. 16 - Nov. 8, 2013
 Benchmark 2
 Nov. 11, 2013 - Jan 30, 2014(End date extended to Feb. 14)
 Benchmark 3
 Feb. 3-  April 11, 2014
 NCS Acuity Benchmark Windows

for block schedule
   1st Semester     Benchmark 1

 Sept 16  - Oct. 30, 2013
Benchmark 3  Nov. 1- Jan. 14, 2013    
 2nd  Semester 
    Benchmark 1
 Jan. 31
- March 7, 2014
    Benchmark 3  March 10- April 11 2014

The final Acuity Benchmark  for all student 3rd through 11th grade will be a benchmark created by WVDE.  We are told that it is as close to WESTEST as we can get.

All benchmarks are constructed with questions developed by WVDE.

These dates are subject to change and schools will be notified if a change occurs.  If you miss your window or need your students' Acuity Benchmarks reassigned contact your TIS.


  • Having difficulty logging onto Acuity, contact your TIS.  A few teachers have mysteriously disappeared from the system. Your TIS can add you back quickly if you contact her.
  • Please check your class rosters in Acuity before your class attempts a benchmark.
  • If a student is not on your class roster, they will probably not have a benchmark for your subject area. 
  • If students need transferred within Nicholas County or your students cannot access their benchmarks contact your TIS. 
  • When a new student comes to your school, please supply the needed information in the online form at 
  • Remember that if the student comes from another county within West Virginia, we must have WVDE transfer the student to Nicholas County.  That can take several days.
  • Please don’t wait until benchmark day to request that the student be added to your roster.
  • Utilize Acuity for more than just required benchmarks.   (click on the link for suggestions)


  •   Email your school's TIS to set up training to learn how to best utilize Acuity to improve your students'  WESTEST scores and/or to gain assistance when you utilize Acuity.