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Need a shorter url for students to access this page of links? They can use http://tinyurl.com/ncssocial .

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Patriotism and Nationalism

Forms of Government

Freedom Rides and Civil Rights

United States Presidents Unit - Units are listed alphabetically according to the name of the President.

Three Branches of Government






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 Teaching the events of 9/11 can be a unique challenge. Are there resources you'd like to have to teach about this event that you can't find online? Add your ideas and resource needs to our Thinkfinity Community discussion: What tools do you need to teach about 9/11

Thinkfinity.org Recommended Resources: 


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This is only the beginning to a wealth of online resources.  Help me share your favorite online resources by emailing  your favorite social studies resources site to smstump@access.k12.wv.us so we can share it with others. ( You will be given credit for finding the site.)


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