Our Goal

To improve student achievement, enhance student learning and improve

21st century skills through the integration of technology.

"Revolutionary changes in technology, the global marketplace and significant social, political and environmental issues dramatically affect what students today must know. The challenge to educators and parents is to provide instruction that is not only relevant and engaging but that also includes the world-class rigor necessary to prepare students to get a job in a culturally diverse, technologically complex and economically competitive world.

To ensure every child's success as citizens and workers in the 21st century, the West Virginia Department of Education and the Board of Education developed West Virginia's 21st century learning plan. We call it EducateWV: Enhancing learning. For now. For the future. The program is a systemic approach to help West Virginia not only compete globally but also thrive. From the classroom to the district office to the state Department of Education, the program is a bold acknowledgement that we must change how we operate if we expect to change what and how children learn. At its core is the mission to develop self-directed, motivated learners who demonstrate the skills and knowledge that are fundamental to becoming successful adults in the digital world."







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