BCS Homeless Services


Families in Transition (FIT) Program

Contact the principal or counselor at any Boone County School to apply or recieve more information.


u Do you have school-age children age 3 or older?

u Do you move frequently because you don’t have a permanent home?

u Do you live with family or friends?

u Do you live in a motel or hotel?

u Do you live in temporary housing?

u Do you live in a transitional shelter?

u Are you being forced to move?

u Do you live in a camping ground?

u Are you sleeping at night in public buildings?

u Are you homeless?

The FIT Program can help you & your family with:

u Enrollment in school

u Coordinating educational and social services 

u Basic school supplies

u After-school programs

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Direct Information: Contact us at 369-8252. We’ll help you complete an enrollment form so we can find out what services you may need. Or you can ask your school staff to fill out and fax the FIT forms to Eddie Weikle, Boone County Schools Attendance Director, at 369-0855 (fax).

Boone County Complaint Policy



For more information about Homeless services in Boone County:

Contact Eddie Weikle, Homeless Liason or

Nora Dotson, Federal Programs Coordinator

Phone: 369-3131
All requests will be processed using NCLB McKinney-Vento Guidelines.
*Notice: Any member of the public with an unresolved issue may pursue satisfaction through the Boone Complaint Policy KN (See link below)