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TheBugTrack Now Supports User-Created Group

posted Feb 24, 2011, 11:15 PM by Vincent Zhou   [ updated Feb 26, 2011, 3:37 PM ]
          As an issue tracking service, TheBugTrack started with tight integration with Google Apps domain.  Any Google Apps administrator can add TheBugTrack service from Google Apps Marketplace.  Google Apps user likes the seamless integration such as automatic user sync-up between TheBugTrack service and Google Apps domain.  However we are often asked how users not from Google Apps can use TheBugTrack service.  We are happy to report, with latest build,  any user who has a gmail address or Yahoo! email address can use TheBugTrack service.

         Firstly, from the welcome page, you will find three log in icons: log in as Gmail user, log in as Google Apps user, or log in as Yahoo! user:

        Both Google and Yahoo! support OpenID standard, and your log in request will be redirected to Google or Yahoo! to verify your user credential.  It's win-win situation here, as user you don't need to create yet another user name and password to use TheBugTrack service, and as an online service TheBugTrack doesn't need to handle user password management.

        Next, after logging in as Gmail or Yahoo! user, you can create your own group.  The only thing you need is a group name.  You can add a group icon if you like.  Here is the group setup page:

       After the group is created, you can start invite users to your group!  TheBugTrack will send an email invitation to the new user and the new can accept the invitation with a simple click.  Let the bug filing begin for your new group!