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Save Sorting Preference for Queries

posted Oct 1, 2011, 3:28 PM by Vincent Zhou
            We have received several requests which ask TheBugTrack to save sorting column for queries, so users don't have to do extra clicks to sort bugs after loading query results.  We are happy to announce that TheBugTrack now supports saving sorting column for your queries as requested.

            By default, query results are sorted by bug ID, with the latest bugs on top.  To change sorting preference of any query you own, please click "Edit Query" (above query result) link, and then click "Display" tab to edit query display:

            Please choose your sorting field and sorting order and then click "Apply" button.  Your sorting field will be saved.  For now we only support sorting over default bug fields such as bug priority, state, bug fixer, tester, submitter, last changed date, target date, etc.  We hope to support custom fields sorting in the future.  When sorting over users, the sorting is based on user's email address, not user's first name nor last name.

            Also, at any time, you can click the column header to sort your bug query results dynamically.  The sorting are now cross pages, not limited to a single page any more.  To preserve the sorting for next time though, you need modify query display's "Sorting Field", as the picture shown above.