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Full Text Search

posted Apr 16, 2011, 10:45 PM by Vincent Zhou
            We are glad to report that TheBugTrack now supports full text search to quickly find bugs.  Simply type any text you'd like to search in the search box and click "Enter" key or "Search" button.  

            The search covers bug title, bug description, notes, resolution notes and any custom fields of "free text" type.  To add custom fields, please enter project settings page and click "Custom Fields" tab.  Any field with "free text" type is search-able.

            Full text search looks for basic form of words and enables fuzzy search.  For example, a search for Kids, kid, or Kid will return the same results.

            If you know specific bug ID, you can enter the bug ID number into the search box, and click "Find by ID" button.  TheBugTrack will directly jump to bug's form view.

            Hope you like the search feature, please send your questions/comments to