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Bug's State Transition Diagram

posted Feb 24, 2011, 10:54 PM by Vincent Zhou
        We have been asked often on how TheBugTrack service handles bug's state, and what triggers bug changing from state to state.  Today we published bug's state transition diagram, or calling it bug's state flowchart.  Here it is: 

      Some notes on bug's state transition:
  • Upon composing new bug, use "Submit" action to submit a bug to "New" state, use "Assign" action to directly put bug to "Assigned" state.
  • "Fixer" is an optional field for bug in "New" state, however it's a mandatory field for bug in "Assigned" state.
  • At any state, authorized user can update a bug using "Modify" action.
  • At any state, authorized user can add a note to a bug (click "Notes" tab).
  • At any state, authorized user can add file attachment to a bug (click "Attachments" tab).
      Our thoughts is to make the states as few as possible, and make the state transition flexible, yet as simple as possible.  Hope it helps.  Please feel free to share your thoughts.