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Billing support

posted Jan 12, 2011, 9:00 PM by Vincent Zhou
        Today we introduced billing service of TheBugTrack in Google marketplace.  The billing support is integrated with Google marketplace billing and licensing API.  All the payments and transactions are handled through Google Checkout service.  TheBugTrack doesn't store any financial information of our customers.  

        After free 30-days trial period, please log in to your TheBugTrack service and click "Billing" link on the top right corner (next to "Administration").  You will be shown a billing page from where you can subscribe TheBugTrack service using Google Checkout.  

        Please note you will need enable your Google Apps' next generation version to use Google Checkout service with your Google Apps user account.  If you encounter any problems during the process, we are always here to help, please send email to  You can unsubscribe TheBugTrack service at any time.